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Blood Blisters/Boils Behind Ears

Feb 17, 2009 - 0 comments



behind ears

9 times out of 10, blisters behind the ears are caused by the same kind
of fungus that's associated with "Athlete's Foot". I went to my HMO recently
and that's what she diagnosed for my most recent on again, off again
condition behind my ears in this regard. It did not dawn on me that a
fungus could survive behind my ears similar to those that often survive
between "our" toes. We seldom think that maybe we don't dry behind our
ears as clear as we should. We take daily showers at home. We get in hot
tubs. We swim in public spas or gyms for example where the opportunity for
fungus infections lingers everywhere. My Doctor prescribed the strongest,
"simple" over the counter athlete foot medication in "creme" form containing
"1% Clotrimazole". So far so good guys. Plan to keep it handy in your
medicine chest or gym bag. Dab or rub it lightly behind your ears periodically,
to help ward off such blister infections in the future.  

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