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Dec 23, 2012 - 1 comments

Well, first day of 4 pill behind me.  Was a pretty good day.  Was at home by myself most of the day.  Daughter went to a annual family christmas caroling party.  I knew if i went all i would to is bawl and have to answer questions.  Im not ready for that right now.   Today is Sunday, and i haven't accomplished very much.  Im feeling pretty good today.  Still not eating very much.  Depression keeps getting in my way.  I made a discovery today from God. Instead of looking at my husband and all his faults, i had to take a look at myself and all my faults. I have to better myself before i can go on.  I have hurt so many people in my destruction and hope to make amends to all.  Mostly to my husband and daughters.  Im so ashamed of myself and my behavior. I trust God will see me thru this and i just have to let Him take the wheel for awhile.

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by kkcopacetic, Dec 23, 2012
he will, sister....your doin just fine, ..just relax...your gona be ok........kk

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