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Journey with MDS - another amazing testimonial

Dec 23, 2012 - 2 comments

  This is a testimonial that we just recently got via e-mail from a mother of a patient. It was so thoughtful and complete, I felt it would be only right that I share this with my readers here on MedHelp.  If it gives you some hope in this season of hope and giving, I will be glad:

  " Our Personal Journey With MDS
    In 2010 my daughter was first prescribed opiates to deal with chronic back pain. Due to her age, physicians in our state were very reluctant to deal with her. This seemed like the only form of relief at the time.. Two years later, we found ourselves in the middle of a critical drug addiction. I say "critical", because it had affected every aspect of her life in a negative way and had literally consumed her.

    We knew at that point that we needed a solution and that’s when our journey to find a rapid detox center began. After looking at many facilities and researching their practices, we choose MDS. I would like to share with you our experience with this facility, but mostly, with the wonderful people who form this very special place.

    Almost immediately we were embraced by every single person we met and made to feel at peace and ease with our choice. Ann, Dr George, Dr Julia, Shawn, Elaine and Sara are people who will forever be a part of our lives because that’s just how it is. They are caring, loving, professionals who understand the importance of what they do and are committed from the very beginning, continuing as long as you need them. Let me lead you through what we experienced and what you can expect from MDS and their staff…

    We were taken in within 48 hours after our call even though they don’t typically do this procedure on Fridays. Dr George explained to us his understanding of the importance of getting patients in when “they” were ready….before they changed their mind.. My daughter was the only patient they had that day and the full staff was there for her, and as it turns out, for me as well. They have only a 5 patient per week limit on their scheduled days so they can provide specialized care to each patient.

    On the day of the procedure, we went to the rapid detox center and met with Ann, Dr. George, Dr Julia (the board certified anesthesiologist), Shawn, (the paramedic) and Bonnie, the RN. We were shown the surgical procedure room and the recovery room. We were told what was going to happen and where and approximately how long it would take.

    They told us that the fee was all inclusive and that was true.. They furnished all the meds, hotel, transportation, etc.. We weren’t asked for an additional penny for anything. Some of the other places that we researched were not inclusive and the fees added up very quickly to, in some cases, more than twice as much as this facility charges..

    After the procedure, my daughter returned to the hotel accompanied by Shawn, and Elaine. These women stayed with us until way up into the morning hours when my daughter was resting peacefully. Doctor George came to visit us in the morning and checked her to make sure she was comfortable. More staff members stopped by to check on us throughout our stay and Dr George continued to visit us there daily. We were given the cell phone numbers of everyone we met and I can tell you from experience, they are always there to take your call, answer your questions, and do whatever needs to be done. This has continued since we have returned home. I have had to call the doctor on a couple of occasions and he has been truly awesome..
    If you find yourself in need of a program of this nature, and since you are reading this I must assume that you are, please do your homework and find out the following:

    *How much experience does the Doctor, Anesthesiologist, and Staff, have with this procedure?

    *How long have they been at the same location and with the same experienced doctors?

    Don’t just take their word for it, Google them.. nobody needs a traveling show to do this procedure.

    *Do they encourage you and a family member to meet with the staff/board certified anesthesiologist, and tour the surgical facility before the procedure?

    *Do they provide unlimited after-care?

    *How many patients do they manage at one time?

    *Is their price truly inclusive?

    I would, without reservation, recommend this facility and this staff to anyone in need of this vital service. It’s alarming to me that as big as the addictions problem is, there are only about 6 facilities in this country that provide this service. Just as important as the treatment is the confidentiality.

    Your treatment at this facility will never become public information to any person or entity.. That’s so important, especially if you’re a professional. Just remember, there is good and bad in everything in this world. Our experience with MDS was remarkable….

    Thanks to MDS, my daughter has her life back and I have my daughter back… We love you guys..
    Good Luck to you in your journey, and may God have his hands on you and guide and protect you now and always….Amen "

    Blessed in West Virginia

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by cass1313, Dec 27, 2012
I have a few questions How is your daughter is chronic pain now without any medicine? and can you give me the name of the facility you want to? I would appreciate it very much Thanks another chronic back pain patient

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by toot7, Dec 27, 2012
This really brought tears to my eyes as Im sure it did yours as well. Thats amazing. Its not only wonderful that the doctors were caring and as helpful as they were, but amazing that the young woman fought and beat a very hard battle. Its so hard to find doctors that are truly on your side, non judgemental, and take it personal. It should be like that with every doctor, but sadly it isnt anymore. Just like this young woman, some just get mixed up in the whole thing and it gets out of control over their head, but whether it was an accident or they just started diong the drug just to do it...anyone reaching out should be given respect and whatever help they will take. That actually gives me hope seeing that there are doctors like that still out there.

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