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So so so scared!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 18, 2009 - 3 comments




Today im writing to tell you of my experience yesturday, i had a cat scan yesturday morning but even before that i felt wierd. last night i was sitting there and all of a sudden i got a tingling sensation run through the top of my head, then it went right through to my fingertips. my heart was going ten to the dozen and i was so scared. i had to walk out of my front room and go upstairs, i know this was a dangerous thing to do but my kids were downstairs and i didnt want to scare them as well. i got to my bedroom and called for my boyfriend as he was in the bath, then it came, i couldnt see. i had to sit down and as my boyfriend was answering my cry for help i couldnt speak back. i lay down on the bed and my face was grey, my body cold and i couldnt breathe normally, it was very slow and i could hear my boyfriend but my eyes were rolling in the back of my head. then slowly i started to come out of it and as i did, i cried uncontrolably because i was so scared. everybody would think i should go to the doctor but its the last place i want to go to be honest, they just want to get me out really, well thats how they make me feel. anyway im going to the docs tomoz and then i will biter my tongue and tell them of my attack i had! i bet they will say its nothing or its alittle anxiety but i know its something else, i just dont know wot. why do i know, i know because ive had anxiety attacks.

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by WHATSUPWIVME, Mar 02, 2009
After going to the doctors i found out that i had an alergic reaction to iodine.

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by margypops, Mar 03, 2009
Glad you found out the cause that was scary for you,I understand how you feel ,almost sounded on reading your pot of a panic attack, at least you know ,do you feel okay today?

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by teko, Mar 03, 2009
Wow, I am so glad to hear you are ok! What a scarey thing to go thru! I am glad they found out what the problem was.

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