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another day.

Dec 26, 2012 - 0 comments

Well here it is the day after christmas and Im not sure how I feel today.  I am on 5th day of taper down to 4 pills a day.  It hasent been to bad. Sat. I will be down to 3. Had an ok holiday.  All plans for christmas day was a no go. We usually spend it with our whole familly.  But too many people had come down with the flu bug. Had my oldest daughter and her friend come over for dinner and spend a little time with them.  I still feel pretty depressed about the husband issue.  I feel like getting off these pills is the easy part and not knowing whats going on with my marriage is the hardest.  He told me the other day that the only reason he is still here is because i asked him to stay to help me get off these damm pills.  But i think that makes it harder on me.  I dont know.  I guess im in limbo.  I pray to God daily for my husband to get clean and to find out who he is.  To know that person way down deep inside, the one i married.  Only God know what his plan is and all i can do is pray for Gods will to be done......

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