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I Don't Know

Dec 27, 2012 - 2 comments










I have no title because I don't know what to call it but now that I have stopped bleeding and I'm calming down a little,I start to have white thick discharge after 2 days being off my cycle.Whaat can be wrong?The ER won't do nothing and my OBgyn won't be in until the 3rd of Jan.I'm just not having any luck at all.

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by retta483, Dec 27, 2012
Im sorry hun . I have had horriable periods my entire life the er dont do nothing but give provera wich really only re starts your period . And I have had a few miscarriages the one @ 12 weeks I had to go to the er their was too much bleeding but the other ones I had at home because I was just barley pregnant . just try to stay hydraited and if you feel dizzy or sick go back to the er if you think you can wait  then the 3rd isnt that far off now . I dont like health care today . I have had a dr tell me he diddent know how to fix me before  seriously ? well feel better hun Ill keep you in prayer !

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by kimmielou137, Dec 27, 2012
Thank you and some dr. is like that.Dont want to help you.Hopefully things will get better!

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