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Dec 27, 2012 - 2 comments

lend me  your ears and ill sing you a song
and ill try not to sing out of key

i had miso and sushi for dinner. now im having soda!!!!  im so bad.  sprite and ice.  yummy.  did u know soda is chock full o carbs?  yes.  chock full.

ib  ok right now ... in my room, radio on, space heater on, my books and magazine and na pamphlets around me and my datebook/planner and kleenex (ex junky must have kleenex no benedryl does not mitigate this at all)

i have my clock set ten minutes fast (for work when i get up early) and it appears to be close to nine!!!!  yes, normal ppl might think this is early but ex addik meegy thinks this is close to the time to goto bed!!! yay!!!!  goodbye to this horrid day!!!  goodbye cruel world!

well, wait.  hold up.  like, what?  like what what ?   i must give all due props to my medhelpians who helped to make this day bearable and even kinda good!  y'all made me feel ril loved, everyone!  ty kindly

oh my good lord.  they are all out there on the dark patio they have moved the table idk where and maybe having beer and talking idk and i shouldent plum care.  but i could peach care now, couldent i?

i dont.  i just.  the room he is in now is like, way in the back it is unfurnished (cept the bed) dark and cold.  i told him, just cuz ur acting like an ay hole dont mean u cant be in the other room.  god i guess im really a pariah huh.  whatever ... its fine just .. he wont take a lamp back there.  i say but ... he say he lie in bed lissen to musik on his computer and talk on the fone and ... i guess drink.   ok.  it seems so awfully creepy and horrid.  he tell me 'i grew up on a farm.'  i know this.  and this used to be such a thing of.  idk it was sacred between us.  we went to his farm and i walked over two hours on a treacherous riverbank to get there with him.  ohhhhhh yeah

like on 105.9 power the 12 days of mixmas ohmigod so dope and choice now they are playing Biggie and i think today is flashback day or soemthing yest was west coast wed and i mean every day has been bombinest but the first day was the best.  today they mixed tyga i think it was faded over like ladies and the drinks or something idk it was super cool

so ... i hope to goto bed erly and actually sleep.  tomorrow i hope to swing into action again, work out, do some job stuff, do some housing stuff and just ... oh yeah my lithium i have to get that thing going ... and um ... well just .. i mean gah.  its new years soon what a horrid holiday that is

i hope to redevelop some sort of stance.  idk what .  i need to tune up this swagger man i am so tripping.  and um.  im putting all this help from my laydeez underneath me to like, prop me up and oh yeah mr i aint forget you baby and i mean mr k and um ... gosh ima try to get that swagger goin ... like im a'ite

how im unna look at things, now?  im not rightly sure but ima cogitate on this when im in my big ol bed with katydid and tank

ill letcha know how that turns out

edelweiss edelweiss
something about sleep i dont remember this line


urs truleeeee

meegy w

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535822 tn?1443980380
by margypops, Dec 28, 2012
naww meeg  5am is early lol that's when I arise from fitful sleep and another day begins, freezing here for CA your descriptions, medhelpians is cute ...never thought of it ...Keep writing its good for you and you do it so well medhelpian

1742220 tn?1331360327
by meegWpaw, Dec 28, 2012
love ya always margy ... a very nice comment to wake up to ... having coffee trying to get going here ... yes, cold!  ughhh ... 5 am girl?  now yah thats early!!!  be well hunee ... medhelpian girl ... mp

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