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Gardisil HPV Vaccine?

Feb 19, 2009 - 37 comments





HPV Vaccine

In this new report, Katie Couric discusses some interesting new developments regarding health concerns associated with the HPV vaccine, Gardisil:

Worth watching, especially if you're considering getting the shot, or vaccinating your daughters.

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by mikaleen, Feb 19, 2009
This vaccine has only been approved since 2006.  I can't understand the push to mass vaccinate girls as young as 9, when there really is no long term safety record for this drug.  I understand women embracing something that can potentially keep them safe from a particular type of cancer, but I think for myself, being proactive with my health and making sure I have my yearly pap is perfectly fine.  HPV is very wide spread, and many women will have it at some point in their lives, but not all strains increase the risk of cervical cancer, and to me the risk of siezures or paralysis outweighs any benefit this drug may have.

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by ChitChatNine, Feb 19, 2009
I have 3 daughters (11-18yrs old) and have been following the developments best I can .... I do not feel this vaccine should be a mandated vaccine for anybody as it is just too new and in my opinion, not proven enough.

Just my two cents.  

First the insurance companies don't want to pay for the vaccine and some docs require $ upfront to cover non-insurance payments and now it's a recommended vaccine by the CDC from what I think I read on a recent 1/09 CDC chart.  Go figure.

Where can I go to see the state's school requirements for immunizations?  Is that the same as the CDC's recommendations?  The CDC site is powerful, yet confusing at the same time.


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by dai3symae, Feb 19, 2009
Check your state's dept of ed website....the info about immunizations should be there.   I've worked in schools since '79 and I'd be shocked if any state required the HPV vaccine.....because people have such strong feelings about teens and sex.

My daughter is 20.....her college didn't say anything about HPV.....she was required to get a mennigitis shot.  She decided against the HPV vaccine and her gyn hasn't pushed it.

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by have 2 kids, Feb 19, 2009
We chose not to have our daughter vaccinated with Gardisil.   When we talked to our daughters Dr he felt the same as we did.  There really isn't anything out there about long term affects.  

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by MJIthewriter, Feb 19, 2009
Saw the video just now. Scary what happened to those people. Eep, I already got the shot around 2007. I didn't know about all the adverse effects.

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by bayz676, Feb 19, 2009
When I was 18 I was offered the Gardasil vaccine for free if I agreed to have do an interview and have it recorded for the local new's special "Health Link" program. After the doctors explained what the vaccine was being used for, and how it may prevent cervical cancer, I agreed to it. (Plus I got to be on TV)

If you're interested, the link to the segment is and that will lead to the written article and the actual interview/shot footage. It provides some information about the shot, and yours truly getting injected.

I personally didn't have any negative reactions to the vaccine. After watching the video above, I explored a few other videos and while it did scare me a little bit, I'm not too worried about it. The media has a way of scaring people into doing what they want them to do. The cases of the negative side-effects don't have clear evidence that the medical problems were linked to the shot. Is it possible? Yes, but it's not definite.

I think there should be a little more research in guards to the vaccine, but I don't think it's been put into circulation to harm young women in anyway. I think it was meant to be a preventive measure against cancer from one of the fastest growing STDs in this country. No, it doesn't prevent the STD itself, but it helps prevent 4 of the cancer causing strains of the virus. My doctor informed me of this information before I got the vaccine, maybe the people who were "under-informed" should have asked more questions. Consider the fact that when a person repeats the same phrase or action over and over, sometimes he/she thinks that the information has already been said or done. Doctors are human too. Why doesn't the patient/guardian think to do a little more research before electing to get the vaccine? If it sounded too risky, then they shouldn't have gotten it. You have the option.

I'm currently listening to the audio of the "Alex Jones: Gardasil" video on Youtube. The dramatic, eerie music and the tone of the people's voices make it seem VERY dramatic. Good tactic in scaring the people watching. One of the women is talking about how the vaccine has Aluminum in it and how people with Alzheimer's have aluminum in their know what else has aluminum? Antiperspirant. Yes, that stuff that sometimes comes along with deodorant to stop you from walking around with pit-stains. Better stop using that too! These kind of statements are what lead to me to believe the media is dramatizing the issue, trying to appeal to the impressionable side of the public.

That being said, I'm not sure what is true and what is propaganda. Maybe I should have done more research before I received the vaccine, but to turn down a free $600 shot that might prevent cancer seemed like a bad choice to me. I'm currently unaffected by the vaccine that has been in my system for two years. Who knows what will happen to me in the future, as of right now I have no regrets in getting the vaccine.

If you are interested in the vaccine, DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST! Look at pros and cons from many different sources. No one is forcing you to get it.

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by swampcritter, Feb 19, 2009
According to the report, 8 million girls have been vaccinated. Gardasil is administered in a three dose series, this means there have been 24 million doses administered.

According to the report, there have been 8000 reports filed of adverse reactions mentioning Gardasil. Since sometimes other vaccinations are administered at the same time, its impossible to tell for certain if an adverse reaction is caused by one or the other, so at worst case, this means 8000/24000000 = 1/3000 chance of having some adverse reaction.

Of course, adverse reaction is pretty broad. Swelling and a rash might qualify, but this is not in and of itself a danger.

Syncope is a risk of any vaccination given to an adolescent. It is recommended that there be a 15 minute wait to mitigate possible injury. Here is a MMWR link discussing this rare, but important side effect.

On balance, Katie should travel to hospices and talk to women on the final morphine drip as they die of cervical cancer. She should interview them.

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by Deee2009, Feb 19, 2009

Subject: Menactra and Gardisil vaccines are NOT safe FOR TEENS as drug ads on T.V. state.... side effect is Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS)

What is Guillain-Barré Syndrome?
Guillain-Barré syndrome is a disorder in which the body's immune system attacks part of the peripheral nervous system. The first symptoms of this disorder include varying degrees of weakness or tingling sensations in the legs. In many instances, the weakness and abnormal sensations spread to the arms and upper body. These symptoms can increase in intensity until the muscles cannot be used at all and the patient is almost totally paralyzed. In these cases, the disorder is life-threatening and is considered a medical emergency. The patient is often put on a respirator to assist with breathing. Most patients, however, recover from even the most severe cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome, although some continue to have some degree of weakness. Guillain-Barré syndrome is rare. Usually Guillain-Barré occurs a few days or weeks after the patient has had symptoms of a respiratory or gastrointestinal viral infection. Occasionally, surgery or vaccinations will trigger the syndrome. The disorder can develop over the course of hours or days, or it may take up to 3 to 4 weeks. No one yet knows why Guillain-Barré strikes some people and not others or what sets the disease in motion. What scientists do know is that the body's immune system begins to attack the body itself, causing what is known as an autoimmune disease. Guillain-Barré is called a syndrome rather than a disease because it is not clear that a specific disease-causing agent is involved. Reflexes such as knee jerks are usually lost. Because the signals traveling along the nerve are slower, a nerve conduction velocity (NCV) test can give a doctor clues to aid the diagnosis. The cerebrospinal fluid that bathes the spinal cord and brain contains more protein than usual, so a physician may decide to perform a spinal tap.

Is there any treatment?

There is no known cure for Guillain-Barré syndrome, but therapies can lessen the severity of the illness and accelerate the recovery in most patients. There are also a number of ways to treat the complications of the disease. Currently, plasmapheresis and high-dose immunoglobulin therapy are used. Plasmapheresis seems to reduce the severity and duration of the Guillain-Barré episode. In high-dose immunoglobulin therapy, doctors give intravenous injections of the proteins that in small quantities, the immune system uses naturally to attack invading organism. Investigators have found that giving high doses of these immunoglobulins, derived from a pool of thousands of normal donors, to Guillain-Barré patients can lessen the immune attack on the nervous system. The most critical part of the treatment for this syndrome consists of keeping the patient's body functioning during recovery of the nervous system. This can sometimes require placing the patient on a respirator, a heart monitor, or other machines that assist body function.

What is the prognosis?

Guillain-Barré syndrome can be a devastating disorder because of its sudden and unexpected onset. Most people reach the stage of greatest weakness within the first 2 weeks after symptoms appear, and by the third week of the illness 90 percent of all patients are at their weakest. The recovery period may be as little as a few weeks or as long as a few years. About 30 percent of those with Guillain-Barré still have a residual weakness after 3 years. About 3 percent may suffer a relapse of muscle weakness and tingling sensations many years after the initial attack.


Sign the petition: Investigate Gardasil Vaccine Risks NOW!



168348 tn?1379360675
by ChitChatNine, Feb 19, 2009
Blogs like this help educate us about the risk/benefits ... as long as we are educated and know the risks then it's an educated, individual decision.  When I read stats for any medical condition, including my own, it quantifies the risk or occurence factor, .but stats are made up of real people and real reactions and somebody is going to be the one who may get a reaction even with a small % it will be them.  Of course, the other side of the coin is getting the actual cancer.  Splitting vaccines out one at a time and spacing them out is something I try to do with my kids the best as possible -but I'm waiting it out for this one to become older and more proven.

479581 tn?1317761088
by dai3symae, Feb 19, 2009
A woman in my husband's office died of cervical cancer.  I remember being surprised that anyone would die of this type of cancer when a yearly pap is so standard for most of us women.  I looked up some information form the American Cancer Society.  Here's what I found......

In 2008 there were 11,070 new cases of cervical cancer diagnosed in the US and 3,870 deaths.  The ACS says this about cervical cancer..... "Treating all pre-cancers can prevent almost all true cancers."

In comparison these are the 2008 stats for breast cancer.....New cases: 182,460 (female); 1,990 (male)
                                                                                       Deaths: 40,480 (female); 450 (male)

Whether or not to get the HPV vaccine is a very personal decision.  I think you have to weigh the pros and cons and make the decision that's right for you (or your daughter).

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by GuineaPigs8, Feb 19, 2009
I feel that the Vaccine is NOT Proven Safe.It is too new and I feel like they are using our children as human Guinea Pigs.I HomeSchool both of my children.
My daughter is 15 years old and has had to undergo a Splenectomy due to the fact that she has Hereditary Spherocytic Anemia and if she got a Virus or Bacterial Infection, she had to have Blood Transfusions-there is no cure for her Illness-removing the Spleen at least keeps her from getting so Anemic that she has to have Blood Transfusions! She has what is called an ORPHAN DISEASE! Not enough have this to make it profitable to the Pharmaceutical Industry to Research.
Due to the fact that her Immune System is Compromised due to the Splenectomy-I REFUSE TO HAVE HER VACCINATED!!
With her Immune System, sometimes the Vaccines will actually cause her to get the Disease she was Vaccinated for!
If she attented Public School, they would FORCE us to Vaccinate her with Gardasil-which could kill her by Giving Her Cervical Cancer!
I also wonder about Fertility Issues later on in life due to the Vaccine-is it a new population control?????
My Step-daughter went to get the Vaccine-she is PROMISCIOUS-to say the least!!Has 2 children and has now decided that ABORTION is a form of Birth Control-she has had 4 abortions! That is not the point-when she went to get the Vaccine, they scared the he// out of her and made her have a cervical biopsy before they would Vaccinate her-she went scared for 2 weeks until the biopsy-Thankfully came back Negative. They also did the same process with 3 young ladies that I worked with in a Restaurant-Scared them all 3 to Death!
Vaccinating a 9 year old girl against something that NO 9 year old girl should be exposed to is in my Opinion Ridiculous!!
I understand wanting to Prevent Cervical cancer!! It is a terrible Disease-usually Sexually transmitted!
We NEED to be teaching our Young Ladies how to behave like Young Ladies!! Not to have sex before they are in a commited relationship!!
Morals!! I am an ATHEIST and am doing a pretty good job of teaching MY Daughter Right from Wrong!!
Those 10 Commandments-I AGREE with those!!! Yes, an ATHEIST Agrees with The TEN COMMANDMENTS!! If everyone followed all 10 of those simple moral rules-the world would be a better place!!
In summary-the vaccine is not well enough tested to be giving to our Daughters!
What if later on they find the Vaccine causes Infertility??
My duaghter has already decided that she will choose not to have children due to the 50/50 chance of a child of hers having the same Genetic Problem that she Inherited from her Biological Father-he did not disclose to me that he had this condition-just told me he had his Spleen Removed due to a hard blow to his stomach during Pee Wee Football-I was stupid enough to believe it because I know that a hard blow to the stomach can cause a ruptured spleen!
What if she were healthy and I had her Vaccinated and she later on could not have children??
I know the heartache of not being able to have children-I was able to have 2, but had multiple miscarriages until I was able to carry the 2 I have, then an Ectopic Pregnancy that ended my chances of ever conceiving again!
I would not wish any woman to want to have children and then find out a Vaccine made her Infertile!!
I think the Vaccine needed lots more testing before being approved and the States should not force us to give our daughters a potentially dangerous vaccine!
Just my 2 cents worth!
Hopefully, I did not offend anyone too badly!
Michelle S.

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by auntiejessi, Feb 19, 2009
I think saying wait until marriage is fear based, and misleading.  What if her husband hasn't waited until marriage and has HPV (of which there is no test for men)?  He then infects her, she doesn't think she has any risk because she has waited till marriage and most people think that without symptoms, you don't have an std (that's not the truth, by the way), and so she doesn't get checked, and she gets cervical cancer.  

I'm not sure where everyone is reading about vaccines causing infertility, because there isn't a link to HPV and infertility.  There is a link between cervical cancer and infertility, though.

I'm not pushing this, but I think its easy to get carried away by fear, and by the fact that this is about an STD.  Hepatitis B, the vaccine that most of your babies have probably had, and is now part of the routine vaccination schedule, is an STD.  

80% of people will have HPV at some point in their lives.  Most will have no long term consequences, but since 70% of cervical cancers are caused by HPV, its something you should think about.  This isn't a moral issue, its a health issue.


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by GuineaPigs8, Feb 20, 2009
I am saying that both males and females alike need to wait until married to have sex-period!
So far, there is no hard core evidence that the Vaccine could cause Infertility-just a few tests on rats and mice show a possible link.
I have researched the Vaccine FULLY!
I do not think it is as safe and effective as the FDA would want for us to believe!
My Family Physician did indeed state that HPV that causes Cervical Cancer is a STD!
Also, I am saying that for a small percent of the population-like my daughter-mandatory Vaccination with Gardasil would be a definate Cancer! One that she got from the freaking Vaccine!
Mandatory Vaccination with this particular Vaccine should not be -well, Mandatory!
Michelle S.

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by ChitChatNine, Feb 20, 2009
Is it still mandatory in Texas?  Wasn't it State mandated there last year or so?

479581 tn?1317761088
by dai3symae, Feb 20, 2009
I just looked it up....Texas requires 6th grade girls to receive the vaccine.

640548 tn?1340556955
by mikaleen, Feb 20, 2009
I can't believe that mandatory vaccination is allowed for this vaccine.  While it can protect a woman from an infection that may cause cancer later, I do not consider it a public health hazard to 6th grade girls, that should allow any government interference with personal choice.  If my daughter contracted HPV, and would potentially cause an outbreak at school by using water fountains, and breathing on people, or bleeding from an injury in gym class I would be inclined to accept being told she has to have this vaccination.  I'm sure that the money that went into the development of this vaccine is immense, and I wouldn't be surprised to find that recquirement of this vaccine is more to help the pharmaceutical company.  I think it's great to have as an option...but I would be hard pressed to vaccinate my 11 year old.  If and when she felt she wanted this vaccine, after she is informed of all the benefits and risks, I would happily drive her to the Dr. and sign a consent.  I believe at 14 or 15 she would be able to make the decision for herself.  

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by iamnotalegendatall, Feb 20, 2009
Guinea Pig - Lucky you're not a Doctor, otherwise the whole world would be in trouble. Seriously, get your facts right. Having a vaccine against certain strains of HPV cannot give you cervical cancer. Seriously. Stop with all the conspiracy nonsense.

To anyone else who feels that this is a "personal choice" and that you decline (for yourself or your daughter) to have the vaccine (unless you are genuinely concerned about side effects), then you need to re-evaluate your decision. If one day your daughter gets cervical cancer because of your "personal decision" then I hope you can live with that.

For those of you not wanting your children to have this on the basis that it encourages promiscuity, then you are incredibly naive. Ignorance does not equals bliss.

Finally, it is not just about one person. If your daughter has the vaccine she can't pass on those strains of HPV she hasn't got, thus preventing other men and women becoming infected with this virus.

It's about social responsibility and responsibility for your child's long term well being. Don't pass on your own moral values in a situation where it could cost the lives of thousands of people.

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by auntiejessi, Feb 20, 2009
Yes, HPV that causes cervical cancer is an std.  So what?

So is hepatitis B that your children are vaccinated for.  They get the first vaccine before they even leave the hospital.  Are you going to deny that vaccine because it is an STD?  

I just don't get how protecting your daughters from an std is a bad thing.  What if her husband cheats?  It would be nice if no one ever had sex before marriage, and no one ever cheated, but that's not reality.  What if she decides to go against your teachings and has sex before marriage?  My parents said wait till marriage, and I can tell you I didn't.  Safety questions aside, wouldn't you want your daughter protected against this just in case?   There are a lot of "shoulds" in this world, and then there is reality.  We should all wear seat belts, and stay off cell phones when we drive, but many don't do those things.  

I agree that the vaccine is new, and that we don't have all the answers yet, but again - this is NOT a MORAL issue.  Its a HEALTH issue.  

640548 tn?1340556955
by mikaleen, Feb 20, 2009
I'm not saying to not give the vaccine.  I am saying that it is ridiculous to mandate giving a vaccine with a minimal safety record to children who are 9 or 10 or 11.  I will not have to re-evaluate any decisions if my daughter gets cervical cancer in the future, it will be her choice if she wants the vaccine.  If she chooses not to, I hope she will follow her health and be sure to get a pap every year.  For the most part it will not prevent someone from contracting an STD.  It will help protect a woman from the few high risk strains of HPV, that may or may not ever cause cancer.  There are many more common strains that are spread that the vaccine does not protect against. I don't agree with newborns getting Hep B vaccinations right after birth either.  I did have that vaccine at 16, but only because I was involved with EMS and came in contact daily with potentially infected bodily fluids.

207091 tn?1337713093
by auntiejessi, Feb 20, 2009
Actually, it protects against 4 of the most common strains of HPV, 2 of which are low risk and 2 high risk.  The two high risk strains are the most likely to cause cervical cancer, so it does offer some good protection.

I'm not talking about the mandate.  I already said that.  I'm talking mainly to GuineaPigs8, and I should have mentioned that.  

I don't think its necessarily a bad thing to get vaccinated for hep b at birth, because as you know, its also spread via blood, and in the past, there were a lot of cases that were spread by playground accidents, etc., in school yards, parks, and the like.  The vaccine has dramatically lowered the number of child hep b infections.  I used that as an example because it is sexually transmitted, and no one is in a moral uproar over that one.

Getting this vaccine yourself or giving it to your daughters is a personal decision, and I would never presume to tell anyone what to do, but it needs to be a health decision, not a moral one.  Morals are subjective.

168348 tn?1379360675
by ChitChatNine, Feb 20, 2009
Our pediatrician suggested that unless a teen is active, putting it off until they are considering becoming active is not a bad idea as we all await more time to go by as the vaccine becomes older and more proven.   However, if they go off to college (as an example) and things most likely will change (if they aren't about to already), it's important to be vaccinated and build up the full effects of the series of vaccines so as not to be fooled one is protected.

So this brings me to my next question:  How long is the full immunization process to build antibodies to the fullest extent of the immunization?  weeks, months, a year?  

I have reservations about any immunization .. my kids have had some nasty reactions but they are deemed Local Reactions and not enough as per the CDC to avoid boosters, etc. but having gone through some of these reactions -- it does make one look into all the fine print very carefully.  One was a toxic joint reaction that lasted 6mos with physical therapy and the need of a rheumatologist, and another was alopecia at the age of 4yrs old  a few weeks after an immunization.  No proof either way with either immunization, but our rheumatologist said it could not be disproven either .. so any booster shots are srpead out to the very last age-limit to let their immune systems be fully mature.  This, btw, was the Varicella vaccine given at the same time to two of my children (the alopecia and joint reaction). The 3rd was a very severe bright red swelling of the arm at the injection site that lasted a week for my son at age 6yrs old from the DpAT is that what it's called (sorry, cannot recall it's been yrs ago).

An option to always keep in mind for some immunizations such as the MMR is you can request blood titres be drawn and avoid a booster if the titres are high enough .. same with Varicella if you've had the chicken pox itself.  My son passed the blood test with flying colors at Kindergarten and avoided an MMR booster!!!!  So keep that in mind as an alternative for some of the immunizations which require boosters and/or initial immunizations against.

Didn't mean to go offtrack here but wanted to share the blood titres info ...


479581 tn?1317761088
by dai3symae, Feb 20, 2009
HPV vaccine is a series of 3 shots over a 6 month the hepB shots.

FYI....if you get one strain of HPV you develop a level of immunity against the other strains of HPV.   And it can happen with a girl's first partner....before she gets the vaccine.  That's why Texas vaccinates 6th gr. girls.

Gardisil protects against 4 of 100 strains of HPV.....I don't think the others cause cancer.

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by GuineaPigs8, Feb 20, 2009
It is not Conspiracy that I am talking about-She has a Screwy Immune System! I have discussed this with her HEMATOLOGIST and he says-YES IT COULD CAUSE HER TO GET WHAT SHE IS VACCINATED FOR!!!!

It is not just a MORAL choice-with her IMMUNE SYSTEM-The Vaccine would actually give her the strains of HPV that she was Vaccinated Against!
She got Measles fro the measles vaccine!Mumps, too!
I sure do not want to give her HPV because the STATE and CDC says SHE MUST HAVE A FRIGGING UNPROVEN VACCINE!

By the way-, what is wrong with morals?!

I hate to inform you, but in my Daughter's case-I DO HAVE MY FACTS STRAIGHT!

Michelle S.

207091 tn?1337713093
by auntiejessi, Feb 20, 2009
Did I say you had your daughter's information wrong?  No - I just said basing a decision to vaccinate solely on moral grounds isn't realistic.

Nor did I say anything was wrong with morals.  Don't twist my words to say something I didn't say.  


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by GuineaPigs8, Feb 21, 2009
No you did not-but to me it felt like you were implying that I was an evil mother not wanting to protect her child!

I couild not even get her Vaccinated against HepB due to the same reason.

I am merely asking-not you personally-but in General-What happened to the Moral values in the Younger Generation?
Where have we as the adults gone wrong with these younger people?

I am 42 and was taught from day 1, practically that you do not have sex before marriage! Maybe it is time for me to become more open-minded.

I just do not understand 11 year old girls having sex-I realize that some do-some are Raped and Molested-what has happened to our Society?-when I was 11, all I wanted to do was study and get good grades! I realize that times they are a changing, but why can the Innocence of Childhood last until adulthood?

I never meant to offend anyone!

You seem like a really kind and thoughtful and VERY Understanding Lady!


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by medicmommy, Feb 21, 2009
Here's my 2 cents worth...
I'm a paramedic. I've seen the awful side effects that Guardisil does. The syncopal (fainting spells) episodes are the milder reactions...I've seen seizures, paralysis, high fevers, horrible body and joint pains, chest pain, and respiratory distress within 48 hours of the girls receiving the injections. Guardisil only covers 2 of the 15 types of viruses that cause cervical cancer. It is also suspended in thimerosol (a mercury compound that the CDC had removed from childhood vaccines, but not from the flu shot). I, too have a daughter. She will not be getting this vaccine. She's only 10, but is rapidly approaching puberty and I have already educated her (as much as she can understand) about how babies are made, how you can get diseases from other people, and how to protect yourself no matter what your age. I know kids will do what kids will do when outside of their parents supervision, and I am encouraging her to exercise abstinence until marriage not only because it is the safest and most moral way to protect yourself, but also because getting pregnant and having a baby changes your life so dramatically, and it is best done if it has two parents to raise it...~MM

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by GuineaPigs8, Feb 21, 2009
Thank You, medicmommy!!!!

Sorry that you have had to see first hand some of the side effects, but you can tell everyone that they ARE real!!

We all need to educate our children better than our Parents did us-I was simply told do not have sex until you get married, and when Puberty hit-I was given a book explaining it!! Granted, I grew up without a mother-my Daddy raised me-a rare occurence back in the late 60's for the father to get the child-especially a female child!

Therefore, without a mom figure-save my dad's mom-she passed when I was 5-I was beginning to feel like a terrible mother for : #1 Teaching Abstinence and #2 Refusing to have my daughter vaccinated-when the Vaccine can actually give her the Illness.

Thank You for not making me feel like an EVIL mommy! and Clarifying a few facts for others!


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by Haddock_Entrap_Propulasion , Feb 22, 2009
I don't trust any vaccine that hadn't been around for at least 15 years.  Or any other medicine, for that matter...I have also heard things about side effects that make me extremely nervous.  I don't care if they aren't -proven- yet...I want proof that it's safe in the long term, and it hasn't been around long enough to know that yet.  

592774 tn?1325397342
by ngio64, Feb 22, 2009
I want to remind everyone about the Rotavirus vaccine that the FDA approved August 31, 1998  and the CDC  recommended against it on July 16, 1999, after which  the manufacturer, in consultation with the Food and Drug Administration, voluntarily ceased further distribution of the vaccine.

Just because the FDA approves something does not make it safe! Only time will prove the safety of a vaccine.

541456 tn?1394494222
by Susan1944, Feb 23, 2009
HPV Types 16 and 18 cause 70% of cervical cancer cases, and HPV Types 6 and 11 cause 90% of genital warts cases. GARDASIL **may not fully protect everyone and does not prevent all types of cervical cancer, so it is important to continue regular cervical cancer screenings.***

Anyone who is allergic to the ingredients of GARDASIL should not receive the vaccine. GARDASIL is not for women who are pregnant.

GARDASIL will not treat these diseases and will not protect against diseases caused by other types of HPV.

GARDASIL is given as 3 injections over 6 months and can cause pain, swelling, itching, and redness at the injection site, fever, nausea, and dizziness.

The gardasil site, in fact, as you see above, not only says that women (or girls) who have taken the shot STILL  need to continue to do pap tests and by extension, cervical cancer testing, but that even if gardasil is taken, it doesn't prevent all types of cervical cancer. MOST IMPORTANT.

At what age are women more prone to get cervical cancer? Not at 12. From CNN's health library

The HPV DNA test isn't a substitute for regular Pap screening, and it's not used to screen women younger than 30 with normal Pap results. Most HPV infections in women of this age group clear up on their own and aren't associated with cervical cancer.

From a cancer screening site.

Why are women under 25 and women over 65 not invited?
Cervical cancer is rare in women under 20. Teenagers' bodies, particularly the cervix, are still developing, which means young women may get an abnormal smear result when there is nothing wrong. This could lead to unnecessary treatment so screening young women might do more harm than good.

Under the age of 25 years, invasive cancer is extremely rare, but changes in the cervix are common. Although lesions treated in very young women may prevent cancers from developing many years later, the evidence1 suggests that screening could start at age 25. Lesions that are destined to progress will still be screen-detectable and those that would regress will no longer be a source of anxiety. Younger women will not have to undergo unnecessary investigations and treatments.

On the original post, I noted that at least one of the legislators who has proposed this bill has taken quite a bit of money from Merck, who, not so coincidentally, makes the drug. The problem is, once a legislator has taken money from a special interest group, legislation pushing ideas that profit the corporations not only *are* looked at with a jaundiced eye, but *should* be.

Again, the argument isn't of whether the vaccination is of benefit, although, even from gardasil's website, it's questionable whether a 12 year old should get it unless she's out having sex right away, but whether forcing this vaccination intrudes into a families right to make decisions about their own health care.

P.S. On a related note, you really think you can trust Merck 100 percent? HAHA The same company that deliberately deceived about Vioxx?  EXACTLY. Heck, the Texas Attorney General SUED  Merck over Vioxx.

Now Merck is doing an INFOMERCIAL about Gardisil using 2, guess what, doctors. This is a HUGE multi-billion dollar ploy by Merck to fleece big bucks out of families. Offering No guarantees whatsoever. So typical. And watch;
the more we're duped by it, the more "vaccinations" we'll be told to submit to. $$$$$$$$$$

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by kdaily, Feb 24, 2009
Let's get something clear to all the wonderful and dedicated parents out there....

Your daughter/son may be a teen whether it be 13-19.... don't be nieve about what they are and are not doing. There are so many things that kids... KIDS... are doing be hind their parents back it's not even funny.

When your pediatrician suggest something remember you are the parent and you should know that kids these days are doing more at 13 then my parents did at 20. Do not let the age of a child decieve you, why do you think that they suggest it at such a young age?

Also, think about the possibilities of things happening, your daughter goes to a party.... gets drunk.... makes a stupid decision... or the worst case, she doesn't get to chose and is raped.

Haven't any of you seen the things on the news about teen sex parties, girls trying to get pregnant. GET REAL and think out of the box!

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by Adam Tanase, D.C.Blank, Mar 06, 2009
UPDATE (3/6/09):  Spain Withdraws Gardasil After Illnesses

"Spanish health authorities have withdrawn tens of thousands of doses of Gardasil, a vaccine against the human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV), after two teenagers who received the shots were hospitalized. The two girls were vaccinated last week as part of a vast government program targeting adolescents. A batch of nearly 76,000 doses of the vaccine has been withdrawn from the market."

News article link:

In the US alone, over 10,000 adverse reactions, including 29 deaths, have been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) in relation to Gardasil.

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by PlateletGal, Mar 10, 2009
Published yesterday in the Akron Beacon Journal

Stow family thinks series of shots meant to protect women from cervical cancer actually to blame for teen girl's illness

Vaccine under suspicion

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by rsm63, Mar 23, 2009
My daughter was 14 at the time of the first injection. She fainted immediately. She received her 2nd injection with no problems. When it was time for the 3rd one, her doctor refused to give it based on information she had received and episodes she had heard about from serious side effects. My daughter is now 15 and has been suffering from ovarian cysts for 2 months (the pill is not helping). She had never had any problems with this until January. I was wondering if there have been any other cases of anything similar to my daughter's. I can;t help but believe there could be a connection.

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by BellaCullen, May 05, 2009
I am 29 and had my first Gardasil injection about 3 weeks ago.A week after I started having tingling in my limbs that would wake me up at night.  Exactally a week ago I started to have severe migraine like headaches, muscle soreness and tingling in my limbs and head I am now having two headaches a day and am basically bed ridden from them. I am curioius after watching the video for how long it took for the side effects to occur? It did not even consider that the injection coluld be the reason I have been so ill until tonight when I started looking for answers at 3am because I am starting to get worried  of how i am feeling .

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by PlateletGal, May 24, 2009
Wichita Teen Warning Against Gardasil

"When a Wichita teenager found out about a vaccine that prevents cervical cancer, she asked her mom if she could get it. After receiving the three shots of Gardasil, she says she began fighting for her life."

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by MommaBear163, Sep 20, 2009
My daughter at age 13 was vaccinated. The only side effects were a very tender arm. If you have had anyone in your family affected by cancer, you will know what a wonderful breakthorugh this vaccine is! Our pediatrician is nationally known and he said that it is one of the most well researched vaccines ever. Please, do this for your daughter. They are even considering a vaccination for boys. The research literature is there. Research it yourself. Blessings.

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