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coming up on 7 years post MVR

Feb 19, 2009 - 0 comments

This August will mark 7 years since my Mitral Valve Repair. I am now starting to get symptoms back, ei: Palps, Rapid H.B., and a strange cracking of my sternum. There is pain in the cold Chicago weather. Osteoarthritis I was told. I have a Annuplasty Ring from Edwards Lifescience. I don't know how long these things last. Having Rheumatic Fever as a child most surgeons would replace the defective valve,  but mine was repaired. Hopefully because I was only 44 Years old when my Chordae Tendanae Ruptured and I was at 4+ severe regurgitation, with left Ventricle Dysfuntion and lower then 30% E.F. I am a little worried about reoperation. Is there anybody feeing the same way. Curious MooMan, Chicago,Illinois

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