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Jan 01, 2013 - 0 comments

so its one one 2013.  super great, eh?  so they say every year has the chance of being better than the last.  i suppose.  still, a year is just a year.  you try to have good days when you can.  no?  yay yeh!  oops i got it backwards. yeh yay!

happy new year everyone.  but, disclaimer, i believe the calendar is an arbitrary way of marking days that really has no significance to me whatsoever. its just anuttha day man.  so yay

i ended up going with my fren MM to a party here in the sally valley.  yeh.  it was suuuuuper boring!  it was like a lot of old ppl ... ok ppl my age ... and their kids.  kids were cute.  all girls.  little girls are so cute!  arent they.  yeah.  and uh ... a lot of guy guy couples and they was nice.  very much in lahhhve oh how sweet.  bite me.  oh i ment how sweet yah.  my fave couple was the host it was Greg and his bf Phillip who was so cute and nice and tried to make me mingle, a losing proposition.

being unable to use my laptop, i was biting my nails at every turn and positively squirming with displeasure.  i settled on a spot on the floor in the guys foofy fancy study with smooth wood floors and i texted all night.  i know!  cant take me anywhere!

oh yes and i made a fone call ... i believe ....


well im staying here with MM for i think till wed.  not sure.  so far she is only driving me a little bit crazy.  i have a nice couch and some blankets and i brought katydid but not Tank.  tank's ok.  i hope.  MMs place is nice a  apt which she shares with a hoarder so there is all kinds of junk everywhere in the lr where im sleeping but its ok.  for some reason my house, the rental, is super duper cold like cold as f*ck!  and i am always freezing unless im in my room where i crank the space heater beyondheat.  ha ha   and um.  here its normal, its a apt on the 3rd floor and it just feels like a normal house and i like that its nice.

i brought my own food since she is broke and has no food.  i brot clementines, apples, tuna, and pasta, oh and frozen vegetables.  if i leave erly ima try and take it with me.  is that horrible?  yeah.  i should leave it for her.  but she doesnt eat much of that anyway.  she is a vegetarin but she likes all kinds of unhealthy foods as long as no meat.  go figger.

today i worked out and did my weights.  then i mailed some papers to the law yer and then i went to Griffith and hiked.  i hiked the part by the Observatory.  omi grill i had to park SO far away there was no parking so i had to hike to get to the beginning of the hike!!!   sha!  as if not even .  yes.   and so then i did the quick hike to Dante's Peak, i was passing f*ckers right and left, yay and then i hiked past DP and i went down and up like you have to do by the rocks and stuff its a nice good hike.  but i dont like the downs you slide a lot esp if you shoes have no tread.  i like hiking up cuz i am fast and good and it feels good.  its a bootyful hike you can see all of ellay woopay and glendale and the mountains and its real real pretty.  a very good view.

i found out a bunch of stuff about my hub.  he is really a criminal . ... in a bad way not cool like Clint Eastwood or like 2chainz.  no, not like that.  he is just ill ... very much so.  he has been doing so many dirty deeds and not even dun so cheap ... or something .. idk.  i dont understand the hole thing nuntheless i dont see how he could be my hub and i am very glad that soon he will not be.  but still ya know it hurt Meegy to the Core.  yes it do.  oh well what can i say.  i still got my clean time and my helf and my frens oh all my frens here on mh and i got nature and my hikes and workouts and i got writing and reading and arithmetic ?  yeah and i got music!  sweet music!  music everywhere!  like that

i was so sick and sad from the stuff i learn about and still i say to him today, though i want to spit on him when i see him, i say "i dont know why i still care but i hope you do not get hammered tonight.  i dont want anything to happen to you."  i was so scare when he got hammer a couple weeks ago you member i tole you about it and he banged into the kitchen and crashed around then fell onto the floor hit his face and was bleeding and he was vomiting and it was like foaming at his mouth.  idk i was just so scared and worried and he is so bloated i am afraid something will happen to him.  idk if i were normal i'd prolly wish something did happen to him.  but stupidly i am still worried.  though right now i am sure he is just being a complete ay hole.  well screw him.  but i hope nothing bad happens to his health.  idk.

well its hard MM is all talking to me she dont understand the writing life you need to have SILENCE  and she is letting me crash here so ... oh yay

i guess i should go soon.  ohhhhh my my

it so late for Meegy i gots to go to sleep.  i slept ril bad last nite and many nites i have slept bad.

so, i hope the days to come are good.  i know its going to be hard for a while.  but i cant really abide by some arbitrary construct of time to say i hope it will be a good year.  i just hope the days will bring me some good things and happiness.

my frens been taking care of me.  and i sure do appreciate that.  

i do not unnerstand rr why you choose to be the way you are for so long and again this year you just do the same dam thing!  but!   suit yourself.  what can i say.  i hope you are consorting or whatever the word is with the Nice Girl.  god you are going to be sentenced to life with the Nice Girl.  the vanilla girl.  i am sorry for that, baby.  but i am trying and trying and trying to let you go.  i hope that will happen this year.  i think.

MM told me the degrading song is really old. well, excuse me.  i still like it a lot ... allottt

medhelp?  happy arbitrary contruct day as new years day

a world in white on the way (is that how it goes?)
i want to be with you be with you night and day

i love you medhelp. i love you very much.  here.  kiss on the cheek? (yeah.  not enuf to do it on the mouth--no offense)

i just hope 2013 is sexy.  i want it to be very sexy.

hey!  that's not an invitation.  behave yourself.  its philosophical.

god!  curb that libido!

oh yes, i was saying.  medhelp, i love you!  muah!



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