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Mar 13, 2008 - 4 comments








I am approaching 9 months off of pain pills and anxiety meds. My clean date is the 15th. This forum helped me more than I can even say. I have been a member here for 14 months.  
Those that know me know I also struggle with pain daily. I have learned new ways to deal with it. I finally got into some serious stretching at home that has really helped alot. As well as doing some light strength training, mainly using my body for resistance and building my core to help.
Over the past several months though, I have had more and more problems with my hands and wrists. Swelling, tight over stretched tendons that feel like rubber bands. And more recently that has keep me from the computer and this forum. I have a ganglion cyst the diameter of a quater directly on top of my radial artery of my left wrist. It gets bigger as the day goes on and has gotten more and more painful over the past month. I have began getting numbness and tingling in my fingers and dropping stuff constantly. My rheum doc refered me to a ortho hand surgeoun, because I have to have it surgically removed. *****....:( I am trying to put it off a few weeks so I can get all my clients in order so I can take the time off needed to heal after wards. Being a hairstylist and make up artist its hard to take time off. And when you are off, you don't make any money. Luckily, I have insurance through my hubby's work. But I don't have sick time or vacation days. I will have to be off for at least 2 weeks. And then wear a brace for 4 weeks after that. I am gonna attempt to only take 2-3 weeks off from work and make it work with the brace on. I don't know how much pain I will have after surgery. Hopefully not much. But they are slicing open my wrist and digging around so they get it all out, its apparently more tricky when its on the inner side of your wrist and right on top of your artery. These cysts like to wrap around nerves and stuff. If I do have alot of pain and have to take pills, my hubby and possibly my dad (may be flying in to take care of me for a few days) will be here to play nurse and hand out pills accordingly. It ***** making it this long to have something like this happen. I live with pain everyday. Now I am going to have more pain.
Luckily I am a fighter...  :)

I hope everyone out there in forum-ville is staying strong and keeping up with the fight.


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by Yoda99, Mar 13, 2008
Steph, I am really proud of you for your fast approaching 9 months anniversary!!!  I remember the struggles you had, and then boom, you stuck with it.  My heart also goes out to you.  I'm so sorry to hear that the pain is getting worse.  I, too, am glad that you are a fighter.  That's what it takes.  Girlfriend, hang in there and just know that you are in my heart and prayers.

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by tztlady, Mar 31, 2008
I knew you were racking up the clean time!  Wow, 9 months!  There are times when we legitimately have no choice but to take something for the pain.  Just know that even in the 12 step program, NA, there is a chapter in their basic text that is dedicated to this subject.  Basically it tells how we are still clean when we take pills as directed and prescribed.  You are doing the right thing by letting your dad and hubby hand out the pills.  Remember, I had about 20 yrs in recovery and then took pills for back pain and my body didnt know the difference between legit and recreational use.  I craved more and more, just like before.  

I think you will do fine.  Bless your family for supporting you and watching out for you with pain pills.


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by lostparent, Apr 05, 2008
Good luck...As you know I am a new person on this list...  we just learned of our daughter's addiction.  She is in Health Care Connections in Tampa... a great place and all of the staff... from the administrators to the Attorney, to Doctors are recovering addicts... they get it... they understand

Make sure you have your support system in place and make sure that everyone knows...  it is amazing how many people including doctors do not 'really' understand the disease of addiction.  And it is just that... a disease.  no different than cancer.  you have done this before and gained control over your life, and you are an inspiration for all...  make sure you leverage all resources to get you through this...  

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by misch1118, May 25, 2010
Hello, I live in Tampa and am new to this:(  I admitted to myself that I am a addict of the 30's, Roxies. I am 35 years old with a great job and have no clue why I did this to myself other then being miserable at work and at home and well you know how it goes...
   I was always the conservative one, the one that did not drink alot, only smoked a little back in the day and was most careful about what I did.  I cared so much about my career and now I am worried about keeping it. Can anyone give advice? I am scared of Suboxone and wonder if I can taper off the Roxie since I want to bad....  It is different this time because I really want too. Is it possible?

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