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Jan 02, 2013 - 3 comments

new year









I Just Wanna Say Happy New Year To All Of My MH Friends That Ive Made Over The Years Ive Been On Here.. You Guys Have Helped Me Through Alot And Im So Thankful To Have Known And Befriended All Of You.. I Dont Know What I'd Do Without My MH Sistah Support Group Haha To Be Honest I'd Be LOST Without You Guys Lol And I Love All Of You.. Even Though Im Not Pregnant Im Still Smiling And Pushing Through Until My Time Comes Whenever That May Be To Have A Baby.. Im Still Young So I Got Plenty Of Time To Enjoy Life And To Make A Baby Lmao So On That Note Stay Blessed And Not Stressed This 2013 Ladies.. *Mwuah*

And To All Us NON-BFP's: Always Remember To Keep Your Head Up And Never Give Up On Your Dream Of Having A Baby.. Our Wishes Are Gonna Come True Soon, Just Keep Everything In Gods Hands And He Will Make A Way To Bless Us All.. <3

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1530342 tn?1405016490
by MrsPincince, Jan 02, 2013
You too baby girl....

"Just Keep Everything In Gods Hands And He Will Make A Way To Bless Us All.. <3 "

YES HE WILL.....xoxo

1544968 tn?1548521929
by leillani, Jan 02, 2013
I have always been impressed by your optimism and your positive attitude. I wish you will get your BFP soon, hun. I will be overjoyed to see you jelly bean's u/s-pics. Happy New Year, sis.

1045727 tn?1463742983
by Vantom, Jan 03, 2013
Amen Sis :o).. Leillani: thank u so much :o) i hope 2013 is my year HNY2u2 sis <3

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