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everyone's situation is the worse - right?

Feb 21, 2009 - 5 comments

Anxiety Disorder


quitting opiates

so I'm under the understanding that every addict's wd's are the worse ever and that's why Hubby has a hard time quitting. But now he says that because of his depression and mostly his panic/anxiety attacks, that that is what is making the anxiety even worse and ... I don't remember exactly what he said any more. I'm actually kinda tired for once. But it does make sense to me: if he already has bad anxiety, wd's will make it worse. Please feel free to comment if you disagree; I love the input I get from the wonderful people on this site/forum.

I've lost my train of thought. I took a trazodone and I think it's kicking in. Hopefully I won't have any nightmares tonight.

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by bernie40, Feb 21, 2009
hiya,  yes I can see the logic in that.  he has a physical and psychological dependancy so it stands to reason that he will have both physical and psychological withdrawal.  I have no experience of opiates but having tried numerous times to give up nicotine I've been told that the psychological dependancy is harder to kick than the physical.  Is he getting any help (other than yourself)?

hope you get some sleep tonight.

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by teko, Feb 21, 2009
I think with any addiction wether it be drugs, alcohol, smoking, it is the same process of withdrawl different for each depending on how long and why they got addicted in the first place. Quitting is one process and staying quit is the harder process. Therepy and/or working on the issues that created the addiction mentally is imperitive in order to stay quit. I think anyone that successful goes thru and wins the battle deserves a medal. You have fought and won a war so to speak.

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by mtgoat911, Feb 28, 2009
depression and anxiety is part of any wd, he just has to man up
once he is clean he can have an acurate assesment, as far as the mental health concerns
but there is no way to avoid detox symptoms
i hate that you are going through this, because now you are being affected! keep yourself emotionally protected
i found out my husband was still using when i was a year clean, i know what its like loving an addict, the best thing i did for my family was tell him to go into detox and live in a halfway house for 2 months, then he could come home
it was hard

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by jankar, Feb 28, 2009
He needs more help and counselling but really needs to have complete faith in himself, will and determination to stop.  And just do it.  I stopped when they told me my son could be taken off me.  Good motivator.  The best.  I used to read a lot of books about dependency, addiction and recovery, dual diagnosis, co-dependency, etc.  Found that helped me understand myself and what I was going through more.

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by Niki808, Mar 11, 2009
Hi there,My name is Niki...And I am in recovery from my addiction.I two was addicted to pain pills,suffering from depression. I was first perscribed vicadin some yrs ago for  bad back,I won't get into that.But first let me just say that my husband has never ever been addicted to anythang.I will speak from his point,and how sopport is very Important..I am 35 days clean today!!back to my story..I took the vicadin for the first time and felt what I always described as my happy place.See I guess I just new how to live depressed,so when something came along that let me feel all those happy feelings all I could thank was how could that be a bad thang..humm,or so I thought.But not many months later they put me on Oxycotin and soon after that I started snorting them.I didn't know about withdrawl,or being sick.But I soon found out!
What u need to remember from this is he needs you,of course more than he says,rt now the drugs r in control of his life,He loves it more than you,more than life.but you cannot give up on him.Try and help him see his bottom before he sees it.And when he comes up with excusses for why he has to use,take it from someone who knows!! that is all they are......I had a great many excuses too.Like I can't stop using the dr knows i need it,My pain is to unbairable,I'll just go back to know happiness in my life if without it..But I was lieing to myself and the ppl who loved me the most because nothing else mattered. but using and finding ways and means to get more! that is the cycle...

Just don't give up on him and know that this is a that anyone can suffer from! and it also is a gate way to other drugs take this frrom someone who knows. I never used a single drug besides a drink or two ever, and after getting hooked on pain pills,I became someone i didn't reconize anymore..A person who'd try anythang,I did crack the very first time i seen it,meth the first time also,coke ect..just watch him.And remember he isn't himself rt now..The pills have made him someone you don't reconize anymore...But be brave..keep ur head up,make friends here who understand,who can help you through this

How log has he been using?? and have you heard of suboxone? I am on it..It is a miracle drug..The only one I can control.U don't get high on this it is a opioid blocker so he couldn't if he tried,He will feeel nothing but normal.Do some research on this.Because he cannot stop cold turkey he will get very sick with withdrawl and go use to feel better...If you have any questions don't hessitate in contacting me here I could give you my cell # also if u'd like because baby girl I can only keep what I have by giving it away..also look into getting him to a NA meeting that is the key to recovery....

If u need me I am here..........................Sencerly,Niki

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