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another painful day

Jan 02, 2013 - 6 comments

I'm 29 years old, a single mother to 2 gorgeous daughters and recently diagnosed with Chiari Malformation I. It started off with severe headaches, dizziness, and nausea. I went into to ER thinking it was just migraines, they did a CT scan and MRI. When they came back with the diagnosis, the doctor was even baffled because this was something new to him as well. That was 2 months ago.

The symptoms have progressed, things have gotten worse. I was ordered by my neurologist to cease working, I hate not working, and I will be having the decompression surgery soon. Everyday is a surprise to me if I'm able to move. My nine year old has suddenly grown up so fast and helps whenever and however I ask her. She's an angel.

The numbness sometimes stays in my hands and feet, sometimes spreads to legs and arms. I've had an occasion where half my head and face went numb and another occasion where I lost feeling from my waist down. My memory is being effected now too. I forget things I've done or been told within an hour of the events occurring.

I've become depressed, I feel like a freak, I know I'm not normal now, I'll never be normal again. I cry daily. This is a struggle, a major test of my strength. And honestly, I don't know how much more I can handle

Holly H.

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by drifter0213, Jan 03, 2013
you should hook up with selmas she has chiari mal. just a little advice ok :)

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by TTinKKerBBell, Jan 03, 2013
There is a Chiari Malformation Community here on MedHelp.  There is a lot of information there and You'll find many Friends to Relate and Educate YourSelf with Their experiences, symptoms, surgeries, etc.


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by TTinKKerBBell, Jan 03, 2013
Please don't feel like a freak.  You ARE normal - You just have an issue that needs to be corrected.  I suffered a Brain Anuerysm a few years ago and it took 8/9 months for COMPLETE recovery and it was no piece of cake BUT thereafter, no one would ever know I had such a life threatning catastophe.  I'm sorry You must take this journey, but I'm certain You will be okay.

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by Londres70, Jan 03, 2013
Check out the Chiari Forum as the two above posters stated.  The forum is very knowledgeable and compassionate.  
Selma is the community leader and she is fantastic.  

You sound like a wonderful and caring person and I am sure you will get through this.  The road is difficult, but not impossible.


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by Hollywood29, Jan 04, 2013
Thank you all. I joined the Chiari forum :-) and I hope it does help. Though I have the support of my family and friends, having the support of others who can relate makes it so much easier. Xoxoxo

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by keisytell, Jan 07, 2013
Be possitive... It is normal to feel sad, tired and weird but you have 2 beautiful gilrs and many reasons to be strong. Just follow the advice of the previous posts and  be brave. You can also try homeopatic medicine.


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