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Missed Dose

Feb 21, 2009 - 0 comments

missed dose

Finally fell off my self created pedestal. Miss 'Never-Gonna-Miss-A-Dose-100%-Compliant' missed yesterday's morning Riba dose.  Just blanked out.  Usually take the Riba and the Prozac simultaneously but for some reason I decided to take the Prozac first and take the Riba in a few.  Got distracted (not hard on the morning after the shot) and never went back to the where the pills were...  First time my system has failed in 40 weeks.

But yesterday was a pretty good day and now I know why!  I didn't have the usual nausea and temperature rises that I experience after dosing (such as I am experiencing now), my legs didn't feel so weak and I wasn't breathing heavy.  In fact, compared to how I have been recently, I was pretty agile.

Not sure what I'm gonna do about it, have posted on the forum and hope I get some feedback.  At this point I'm considering adding an extra one per day for 3 days until I've made up the missing 3 pills.

Luckily I am already UND and it is 40 weeks in.  Also I know about the 80/80 theory but I can't say I like it.  I wanted to be 100/100.  The perfectionist in me.

It just gives me the opportunity for doubt.  Being 100% compliant was one of the weapons in my mental armory to fight off the fear and doubt that I'm gonna make it this time....

Good thing is that I have a VL test at week 44 so it's not too long to be worried....  Actually I'm starting to think it will be OK...


Decided to make up the 3 Riba I missed by taking 2 at lunchtime today (when I don't usually take any) and adding an extra one to tomorrow morning's dose.

I think at this stage in the game I would have been fine to miss the dose BUT for my own peace of mind I decided to catch up.  I want to know I have had the full amount of Riba inside me for the duration of tx.

Probably the old war mentality I inherited from my Grandparents - waste not want not, or eat now cos you don't know where your next meal (insert riba!) is coming from!

Ah well, back to livin' la vida loca!

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