Lupron not going to Happen.....

Jan 04, 2013 - 6 comments

So I talked to Tammy the nurse at my OB office today.Lupron just isnt going to happen for me based off the Bone Density results even with a appeal. SO my OB is emailing my RE and the gyn Oncologist who I previously seen and together the 3 of them are going to figure out what to do with me. My pain this month was the worst its been since AF's return. I told nurse and dr we are talking about baby#2 but we just arent there yet financially. I mean you always make it work but we dont want to have to work as hard at making it work(makse sense?), so we will see what comes of this...

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by haz1104, Jan 04, 2013

I cant believe ur already talking baby#2...I still haven't sorted my weight nor time properly since having
I feel like my life is still a mess and there's always some thing to work on/fix or glad u r Quinlan needs a lil sis or bro to play with! for ur situation with the Drs..I hope it works out for u ASAP..I'd love to c another BFP from u SOON ..Good Luck!

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by hopeitworks, Jan 04, 2013
Hala the ONLY reason we are talking number 2 is because of my medical hx. I am going to be 30 but with my endo its more like me being 35-40 trying again. Which we know what the stats say on that. I also have never had any embies to freeze nor have I had a 5 day transfer so there is the egg quality also.
I am FAR from where I was weight wise when I got pregnant with Quinlan and also have no idea where we would put another baby if it was a Boy, but we figure it will all work out. It stinks that my medical hx defines such important things in life, but these are the cards I was dealt so gotta make the best of them

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by Wits777, Jan 04, 2013
I sure hope it works out for you! I didn't realize they could stage you on Endo.. they never told me a stage just that I had it and it came back pretty bad after surgery..Some month when AF comes I'm okay but others I'm in bed crying with a heating pad waiting it out, So I feel for you and understand part of your "cards" lol.

Do you think they'll do a partial hysterectomy or something.. I'm not sure what procedure they can do to help the endo when it gets to your stage? Just curious?

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by hopeitworks, Jan 04, 2013
Witts: I have done 4 surgeries already and 6 months of lupron. Basically hysterectomy is the final step.
We hope to have one more child so we arent looking at that just yet, however if I have to have another surgery for
any reason before doing another IVF cycle there is no guarantee we will be able to proceed with the cycle after the surgery. My csection was pretty intense and my Dr thougth he was going to have to open me vertically thankfully he didnt.  I have lots of scarring.
At this point I am prescribed pain meds, prior to my pregnancy it was to the point that dilaudid(sp) didnt touch the pain, this was my worst cycle since delivery and thankfully vicodin and ibuprofen combo helped.
I wish there was a med that mimicked pregancy. I felt amazing pregnant and you would think in todays era and medical science there would be!

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by Wits777, Jan 04, 2013
I agree it's amazing they haven't found something to help with Endo and the pain that comes with it.
Knowing there's no cure is saddening.. I was told the Endo is mostly what inflammed both my tubes and closed them.
My last HSG the doc told me if they were closed she believes it came back . When they said they wanted to remove both my tubes I just couldn't do it.. Personally if they're gonna do that take it all out I don't want the pain from the periods anymore. I know you have Endo worse off then me.. and for that I really feel for you :(

have you and your hubby ever thought of adoption?

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by butterflybabies, Jan 04, 2013
I hope they can do something to help you! I know it's not the same but I used to have horrible AF, cramping so bad I was physically ill, bled so much you'd think I was dying. I hated af so much. In November I had an iud put in as dh and I are done having kids and since I easily get preggo but they get stuck in my tube I don't want to get preggo on accident and have to have surgery with 2 lil ones at home. Anyway I'm so glad for the iud. For the first few periods you only have spotting. Which is how it is for me. I have no cramps either. Eventually I won't even have the spotting! Anyway sorry to ramble. But I know pain in the lower area is no fun so I really hope they do something to help you. My sister in law had bad endo. After her 2 kids she decided to get a hysterectomy and she did but she still has problems. It's weird they haven't found anything to help with endo.

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