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Spiritual Growth

Words are powerful and dealing with individuals that are emotionally vulnerable early on is of utmost importance. That includes those that use program dogma to beat up those that say the wrong thing or the way they said it, to those that continually offer soft sweet platitudes. Both I believe have the potential to cause harm, the first drives the person from the rooms, and yes we do not have that power but we can sure facilitate a negative feeling, and early on what do we do with negative feelings. The second does not inspire or educate, it makes you feel good and maybe part of the group but without "Reality and Truth" presented by personal experiences or observation I believe we maybe doing harm not intentionally but still harm. I now attempt, and sometimes fail, to deliver my thoughts and feelings as I would like, in a loving and caring manner. If it is not spiritual-it is not right!

Enjoy "The Journey Home"

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