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I'm Pregnant

Jan 06, 2013 - 0 comments

January 3rd, 2013 After watching a forgettable Fiesta Bowl, in which my Wildcat football lost, Brett and I headed home to soon find out why my period had not started. We joked about being pregnant and how I had been late before. However, I was soon going to find out how serious this whole thing was. I came home and took the test and  in less than a minute, as that blue cross appeared, I knew that what I had been thinking was true. I had not let myself believe it until then, and even then as I handed the test to my husband I was still in shock. He said I looked angry, I just felt scared. We were not planning on having children yet and we have only been married for almost 6 months. We live in a tiny apartment, and my husband is still working on his undergrad.How in the world are we going to raise a baby? I want nothing more than to be a mom, and I have wanted that my whole life, and now it's finally the time and I find myself worrying about the details. I need to learn to trust what God has in store for us. Now that I have had a few days for it to sink in, I am fine with it and we are ready to see what is next. First doctors appointment is on Monday to confirm all we are thinking. Now, we will see where this journey takes us.

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