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Pain medication addiction

Jan 06, 2013 - 2 comments

pain medications


pain medication addiction





Since having rotator cuff surgery, I have had to take Percocet and Vicadin for pain. Because the recovery from this surgery and therapy lasts for so long, it increases the risk of becoming addicted (to some degree) to pain medication.

This has been my first encounter with using narcotics. After taking 2 to 4 pills a day for about 4 months, I got sick and was not taking my pain pills because I could not hold down food. My body began to tell me that it wanted the pain medication. Even taking this small of an amount gave me the experience of what it is like to try to come off these addicting drugs.

I wound up at this site to see what others had to say about coming off Vicodin, and it scared me enough that I decided to immediately come off (cold turkey) my pain medication. Even though I still have pain and would LOVE to have the relief that comes with taking the pain medication, I have been SCARED into an immediate halt of my usage of these drugs. I do not trust that I would have the strength to come off these things if I continued to build dependency through usage.

Having this real life experience with narcotics has shown me, first hand, how difficult it must be for those to quit who have been using these drugs for a long time. And, after reading some of the desperate posts on this site of those who wish they could quit, it has made me believe that it would be better to endure some pain rather than risk the possibility of becoming further addicted to these pain killers.

Even though I was only taking up to 4 pills a day (usually only 3 of 5/325 Vicodin), my body was developing dependency. I started to have nausea if I waited too long in between doses. I experienced serious constipation, and stomach aches. I began to realize that the negative impact of taking these meds were beginning to overshadow the positive benefit of pain relief, and so I discontinued my use of the drugs. But, my body still reminds me of how good it would seem to have NO PAIN.

I believe I've gotten as close as I ever want to get to being addicted to a narcotic. I can definitely sympathize with those who are in the grip of these drugs, and I believe I could possibly help those who are trying to stop using. There is a lot of good advice here by people who have the experience to advise others. I myself have benefited from it.

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4622011 tn?1357278477
by vinmat6652, Jan 06, 2013
SMART MAN, if you can manage without them it is best especially if you already sense a problem.  Check with your doctor for non-narcotic medication I know many who they work just fine for.

If you or anyone want to talk about addiction & recovery I'm here.  Check my profile and if you like or need to get in touch.

Best of everything, on "The JOURNEY HOME".

4583956 tn?1357149833
by amazed274, Jan 06, 2013
Thanks, Vince.

I have an appointment tomorrow with my surgeon for a post operative checkup. I will ask about the non-narcotic medicine you mentioned.

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