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Yes, I'm ok!!

Jan 08, 2013 - 6 comments

Well, I am writing this for two let everyone know and to convince me!  My daddy and I are so close.  A true daddy's girl.  Mama too for that matter.  My whole family is close as can be.  This has been a stunner!  I don't know why anything ever is to me, but this one smacked me with reality........right in focus!  My parents are proud of me for what I have overcome, and I won't let them down over this.  I'm not sleeping much, even when I can leave the hospital, because I'm finding that that's almost worse than being there.  NOT being there leaves too many constant questions for me......"Is he ok?  Is mom ok?  Will they let me know if they aren't?  Will I get that call like I got Friday?  Oh Lord, I'm gonna get the call?  Is the phone on?  Maybe the ringer isn't turned up?  Maybe I better check?  Is the alarm on?  What if I over sleep?  Oh, gosh, I better just stay awake!"  That kind of thing.  It's easier to stay.  The hospital daddy is in is 2 hours away.  They live right next door to my house.  This is devastating......

I just want him to come home.....or do I?  Maybe that will scare me more?  We don't live close to a decent hospital.  Any "sick" person has to be flown out.  Amazing little town with a great school.  I grew up here.  That's a downfall of it though.  I think he will be ok.  I just want him back next door to me.  I sure hope he knows how MUCH I love him.  I'm not ready to let him leave me yet.  God watched over us Friday.  My daddy is a good man.  Good father.  Good husband.  Good friend.  And he has a lot of faith.  I think that's paid off!  

He's one of my best friends.  He's saved my life more than once, and I need him!!! He's helped me so much in my life, so I owe him some sleepless nights!  This is sure gonna be one!!  

Thank you all for the messages and notes and kind words and living through this aimless rambling!  I'll be ok!!!

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4149717 tn?1389503561
by Teresa1717, Jan 09, 2013
Im so glad to hear hes on the mend and I can relate so much to being a daddys girl!! I cant even imagine how I would be if I was in your shoes!! Stay strong honey, but lean on your loved ones when you need to!! I am thinking of and praying for you and your family! xoxo

495284 tn?1333894042
by dominosarah, Jan 09, 2013
What happened to your dad?  I am obviously out of the loop here!

I understand every emotion you are feeling right now.  It is very scary to be going thru this as i know just how important our daddy's are.  It's hard to be 2 hrs away, its that feeling out of control thing!  You will feel much better when he gets home.  Our daddy's are much stronger than we realize, a wonderful trait they passed on to us.  When my dad was at his house i would cook and do housework, he just had to sit there, eat and nap!  Maybe when they get home you can go over and cook them a meal.  I am sure your mom would appreciate it too.  Your dad is proud of you.  He has always been your biggest supporter, now it is time for you to be their supporter.  Yes LeaAnn, you will be okay~

480448 tn?1426948538
by nursegirl6572, Jan 09, 2013
Prayers for you and your famiy.  Lean on your MH will get love, support, and understanding.  SO many people have gone through similar struggles, sweetie.  Much love....take care.

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by LeaAnn807, Jan 09, 2013
Oh, I thought you probably knew.  He had shoulder surgery on Friday.  On the way home, he had a massive heart attack.  He was hooked to a heart monitor all the way through surgery and had passed a stress test three weeks ago.  He had two 100% blockages and one 70%.  It was like being hit by an 18 wheeler when they called me.  It's a very unsettling feeling.  Like my world got knocked out from under me!  He had 3 bypasses and that's a lot of surgery for one man in ONE day!  He is still "fuzzy" he calls it.  He is tough though.  I just want him back and to not be sick!  He's never been.  He and my mom are so healthy normally.  Not anymore!

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by vicki595, Jan 09, 2013
He's fairly young and in good shape so he should bounce right back but that doesn't diminish what youre going through! I know it's been a huge stressor so be sure you get the rest you need...ALL OF YOU!    Love you....

Avatar universal
by LeaAnn807, Jan 09, 2013
Thanks!  Love you too.  Yes, he is in good shape otherwise and they said that his heart (the actual muscle) is in great shape.  It's just the arteries going to it that are the problem.  He came off the ventilator in like record time.  The respiratory therapist turned it off and ran some tests and said that he didn't need it anymore.  He was blowing the thing away! So that says a lot for how healthy his lungs are.  Just gotta get some stuff under control and maybe we can get him home!

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