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Ovary and cyst removal recovery

Jan 09, 2013 - 0 comments





cyst removal



I'm on the 5th day of having my left ovary and cyst removed via laparoscopy surgery. I thought I would share with others my journey to recovery...and some dos and don't s. my surgery was approximately 1 hour long. The ovary had a cyst on it as well as the ovary being attached to my cervix.  They had to do a little extra cutting.  I do not remember the recovery room or the drive home because of all the drugs in me.  Also, I am a complete light-weight when it comes to medicine.  I felt much better than I thought I would after surgery and my belly wasn't nearly as bloated as I thought (little did I know it was the drugs).  So at home that first day I was moving around more than I should have and day 2 I was still pretty pleased with my low bloating belly and all the activity I was doing around the house.  However, lets just say...listen to your doctors and family when they say "rest and don't overdo".  Day 3 was the WORST!  I woke up to a belly that was so bloated it looked like a balloon blown up to the very point until it would pop!  All of my insides were sore.  I was walking like a very old lady (I'm only 48)...that was when I could walk.  I said "uncle" allowed my sister to take care of me...the whole reason why she traveled from CA to IN. In addition to day 3 of feeling like I was run over by a truck...I noticed blood in my a UTI!  Got on Meds for that as well.  Evidentially it is common to get a UTI from the surgery.  I am an active person so laying around for a day was just about all I could take.  So day 4 my sister and I ventured out for a few errands. That was about all this balloon-bellied beauty could stand. Just an FYI...driving in the car (as a passenger) is very painful with all of the bumps. Not recommended on day 3. Day 4 was much better...stomach still large, looked as if the balloon had a slow leak. Ventured out again and actually were able to be out for most the afternoon. Just enough and listened to the body and rested when I got home.  Right now is day 5 and woke up to a smaller stomach but really felt the gas in my body trying to come out...hurts a bit  under my ribs and in the collarbone area, which I expected. I actually now feel there is light at the end of the tunnel. and I have not been taking pain medicine very much at all. Take it if you need it.  Here are some of my recommendations but can vary for each type of person. Don't do much on day of surgery and day after...nothing!  Don't be surprised at how large your belly may will go down.   Don't drive In the car until day 4. You may want to sleep in a recliner the first few days (if u have one).  I used a heating pad which helps with comfort.  Drink plenty of water and take stool softeners. Urinating the first few days seemed difficult but could have been from the UTI. once you are able to have a bowel movement u will feel better, but do not strain, even the slightest!  Most of all listen to your body (except while'll be fooled).  Going to work tomorrow for 1/2 day (day6).  Good luck ladies!  

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