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Mental Health. Are they demons or some uneplainable moments of madness?

Mar 14, 2008 - 0 comments

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For interest sake, I would like to introduce myself as babyhooch (AKA sweetchariot666 ) and my last post was a comment on the paranoid delusions section. How amazing! Today I have been searching on paranoid delusions and I came across my post on here. Its actually beyond belief that as I read through I realised immediately that this used to be me and surely it turned out it was me who wrote that. Actually my search on paranoid delusion was not for the fact that I am ill but its because I no longer recognize what it is I have since embarked on a nursing course as a mental health student. I sometimes wonder and question if mental health is untreatable or it depends with ones genetic make up or its just a phenomena. If you read through my post it is really sad as I realized how horrible that brief encounter with madness (as I like to call it) was really bad at me. I am now functioning normally and because I had a brief encounter with madness I became fascinated with mental health and I enrolled at my local university as a mental health student nurses. One who has read my post would wonder if I survived the ordeal or not but hey I am a leaving testimony. Today I can testify that I was healed and I was freed from the demons that had befallen me. My life is now complete and had I not been through all that I do not think my life would have been as good as it is now. Its like I held the keys to my problems, all I need was to unlock the new me, which I did. I was never that in touch with my GP nor have I ever visited psychiatrists for my illness, hence I do not have a clear explanation as to why, what and how I got the illness from the first place. What I can only remember is that I fought against some form of demons, I remember trying to fight for my true identity, I remember the will power which kept telling me you can do it. I fought against all odds. I actually fought for my sanity. I remember my thinking was all jumbled up and couldn`t make sense of what I said but now my mind is as clear as crystal. My focus is amazing. I never thought I would be a proper human being again.

TO BE CONTINUED...............................

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