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Mar 14, 2008 - 15 comments



allergic reactions



Medication roller coaster ride.

Doctor said I am the 5th person in last two week it either works or doesn't.

So if after increases in a medication and your knees and ankles hurt, swell, headache, you start to inch  and maybe if I do not move the pain will go away NOPE. Call the Doctor

You cannot wish it away, It does not get better tomorrow.

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by Barb925, Mar 14, 2008
I have never had the problems that you are describing. I can tell you that one day I took it and slept all day. Since then I only take it before bed and everything has been fine.

I would call the dr on Monday.


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by pattir727, Mar 14, 2008
I saw him today got two shots one for allergic reaction, other was an antibiotic.

Dr gave me an old low dose benzodiazepines (tranxene) to try for 3 days go back on Monday.
( these are also used for pain, anti-convulsant, panic attacks)

Neurontin didn't work, Cymbalta useless.

Regular pain Meds Mess with my stomach big time.
I have GERD, IBS, Ulcer bleeding,  allergic to codeine, ultram, color coated pills and a bunch of other stuff.

I was the one who commented on your taking the large dose of Lyrica in the day time.

I posted some the incidents to possibly help others.

Thank you, for letting me vent!!


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by lizzy7769, Mar 14, 2008

Brain 'blot out'! for nerve pain!!

only thing thats good is that you sleep all the time and dont feel the pain!!

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by pattir727, Mar 14, 2008
hi Izzy7739,

It did that for me at first, I call it the Brain Freeze, and I did not want to move for fear the pain would come back, then it stopped working and made me ill. Had same issue with Neurontin.
Thank you for sharing.

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by Kre8Joy, Mar 14, 2008
When I facilitated my support group and my Rheumy told me Pfizer was coming out with a named drug for FMS, I was so thrilled, I called them after waiting for 9 months and hearing no more.  I had been on strong doses of Neurontin (which I do not think will work for anyone by itself, but in a pain management program with other meds and balanced appropriately, it can be helpful, as can other anti-seizure meds), once I adjusted to it, it did not make me sleepy at all.  My Rheumatologist changed to Topomax to help with cervical headaches and try to help some with the clammy sweating on my face and head when I had the Dysautonomia episodes, and Topomax has a side effect of reducing sweating.
     As the drug company began to talk about what would be Lyrica, Pregabalin, I finally said it sounded just like Neurontin to me and asked when their patent was to run out on Neurontin.  The story of Prozac and the patent date and the use of that drug for PMS, and what a beautiful idea to tweak the formulation just enough to change the name, and the ad campaign was brillant after applying for a new patent --shoot!  Right now I can't for the life of me recall the name, but they probably made more on the "Re-Patent" with that brillant ad campaign than they did with Prozac.  It is like checking the price of Tylenol PM and generic Acetomenophen 500 and generic benedryl.  It is much cheaper to buy it that way and take the two pills, if you take it often and it is the same medication.
    Even 1/2 a 25 mg. Lyrica taken at bedtime will keep me sleepy and functioning at half power for the whole day the day after.  I do not think I will ever adjust to that.  I take a 12 hour narcotic pain medication and topomax.  The names of those drugs make people nervous.  Neither of them help my FMS.  The do help the nerve pain from the injuries in my neck.  OTC NSAIDs and ice, heat and keeping moving, biofeedback, deepbreathing but above all, my faith gets me through the FMS.  I haven't found anything else that helps.
     Why can some people take 3 or 4 Lyrica at 50mg each in a day and not feel drugged and sleepy?  I don't understand such a huge difference.  Of course, it could be my Drs. added it to my regular meds because I take nothing at bedtime and it is difficult for me then.  They just did not know it would carry for 24 hours.

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by pattir727, Mar 14, 2008
Hi Kre8Joy,

Isn't it amazing, that I said the same thing to my Neurologist and Family Dr.

Neurontin (gabapentin} and Lyrica Pregabalin They both gave me Brain Freeze, the Lyrica is just like a reduced version of Neurontin.

The other thing that bothers my is the long list of Adverse Reactions.

I think that all the Advertisment Hype "is not aimed" at someone who actually reads the details.
I am allergic to alot of medication and have to read the fine print. Cannot use the NSAIDs bad stomach.

Your information is great you are well informed.

It's to bad that this sight doesn't send some of the comments directly to Pfizer and to Specialist

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by lizzy7769, Mar 15, 2008
i have had Gabapentin(Neurontin) and Pregabalin (Lyrica) for my post-op nerve pain, i am also on Prozac as an anti-depressant and lorazepam as a sedative to relax muscles and calm nerves!

i am on 600mg Lyrica a day, 40mg Prozac and 4mg of lorazepam a day.  This may sound crazy and it is!! i cannot function and its like being 'drunk' and i sleep most of the day.  The only thing really that helps me is the fact that i'm so intoxicated my meds that i dont feel the chronic pain in my neck! I have become a 'prescription junky' and i would need supervised help to stop taking this strong medication which i probably wont get.  So, keep taking the tablets! i too cannot tolerate a lot of medications but this 'cocktail' seems to help me exist but i do not know where its going to end? i'm 43 years old and feel like my lifes over.

I totally empathise and understand your comments but i wish there was a magical answer for us all!
I don't think there is!
I would just say keep on at the Drs and try different medicine until you find the right one that you can tolerate.
Hope this reassures you that we are not alone out here!

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by pattir727, Mar 15, 2008

The medications really mess with your thought process and motor skills.

You sometimes have to remind your doctor that you must drive to their office and are concerned not only for yourself
but others.

We have all asked for pain relief.  

We also need to function, no one wants to feel the loss of independence.

We are not Doctors, but maybe can suggest ways to present our issues that will get results.

Lizzy do you mean their is no UTOPIA. Okay now smile.

Thanks for letting me Vent,

Keep in touch, Patti

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by smittygirl57, Mar 24, 2009
Hi,      March 24,2009
My name is Terry.
I'm doing much better.  For right now they think that the ARF,
hydronephorosis, eye problems, respiratory problems to name a few were all
related to me being allergic to Lyrica.  Can you believe it!!!!  Some of the
allergic reaction started 1/30, I stopped taking the drug but a shot and one
dose pack of prednisone evidently wasn't going to take care of me.  I was
smart in that I called my endocrinologist when I had the whelps and she got
me an appt. with a dermatologist to have the places bx'd sooooooo, we did
get a + bx for drug reaction.  But you know me, my respiratory part never
got better and I still had a few new whelps appeared so she felt I must
still be taking something that I'm reacting to.  With all that said the pain
just got so bad in my kidney area that I finally went to the ER.  I was so
dehydrated and my cr. was 2.7 that they couldn't get a line in, I was in ER
for 12 hours and finally they put a regular line in my jugular vein.  As
soon as I got to the floor they made three attempts to put in a PICC which
were unsuccessful.  A surgeon finally put in a central line at bedside. Very
scary situation but the Lord was with me every step of the way.
I have only been out of the hospital for 4 days and feel like they will need to put me on prednisone for a little long to get my reaction to calm down.  
I never plan on taking another drug for my neuropathy pain.  Plan on a healthy diet and anything anti-inflammitory food wise to get my body back under contol.
I would like to know if this has happened to anyone else?
Terry / WV

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by mackey635, Aug 30, 2011
My name is Mackey,
I have been on prozac for thirteen years for depression and about nine months ago I started taking 75mg. of Lyrica once a day for severe headaches. About a month ago I started feeling depressed and I am getting worse as the days go by. The prozac has always worked well for me. I have been worried that the lyrica is interfering with the prozac. My doctors tell me that the lyrica is not causing me to be depressed. I am afraid to stop the lyrica but I can't help feeling that it is blocking the prozac. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know if it is possible???


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by inpain127, Oct 07, 2011
I've been taking lyrica for a couple of weeks now and i had to stop taking it .It makes me waaaay to loopy an non functioning i own my own business so being out of my mind is not a option . I sleep all the time an when im not sleeping im cranky &horny then a few weeks in i start getting these whelps everywhere what the hell ... Im in so much pain due to this fibermyalgia an neuritis in my feet .what am i suppose to do an does anyone think i can get diability cause woow this pain is serious .....But the pills are useless to the pain cause your so high you dont think your in pain but you really are .I'm tired of being a guinee pig for all these different meds they are coming out with....

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by splish69, Oct 13, 2011
Mackey, hi, I have  done alot of research on Lyrica and it does list depression, also suicidal tendencies that should be reported to your doctor asap.  I have just started Lyrica, first dose was yesterday morning.  I was feeling stoned by noon, my husband stayed home with me, he said that I couldn't be here alone with the kids in this shape.  My concentration level was terrible, went from the kitchen table to the counter (4 steps away) and forgot what I was doing.  My little girl said that i was getting her a spoon, i stood there for about a minute thinking that i was losing my mind.  My pulse has been racing ever since then also.  I took my next dose before I went to bed, got up this morning feeling ok, by noon I was loopy again, I called the doc and they told me not to take anymore til the doc called me tomorrow.  I get so frustrated, i am 48 yrs old and feel like the rest of my life is down hill.  FMS *****

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by Chattycathy719, Oct 16, 2012
Just took my first 50 mg lyrica tablet - within 1 hour I feel very dizzy - I was prescribed this med due to neuropathy pain -I tried gabapetin a couple of weeks ago and it gave me bad muscle spasms that I thought I was having a heart attack!  Does anyone know of natural foods that would assist with neorpathy pain?

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by DonieSue, Jul 29, 2015
Have been taking Lyrica for only about a week.  The past three nights I have had serious trouble sleeping.  I am very restless and jumpy.  I backed off the dose by one tablet but want to stop completely tomorrow because I need to sleep!   Has anyone ever experienced this opposite reaction to Lyrica?  Is it dangerous to just stop taking it?

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by Ferretslave, Oct 19, 2015
I looked like I was drunk, had terrible swelling in my feet and was totally out of it. Doctor helped me get it free and took it for a year with no improvement. Began to take it only when RSD flared up and still couldn't tolerate it. Like many of you I was so excited when this drug came out as miracle cure for FMS as I was taking 9600 mg of neurotic a day. One pill! Every time I see those commercials I want to scream at the TV. My brain froze and feel like I had lost a year of my life. I got fat too. Now am on very gentle Horizant but it's only approved for restless legs which I'm sure we all have but my insurance denied it and the appeal so living on samples from my doctor. If you haven't tried it give it a try. No side effects yet and have been on it about six months. No immediate relief for RSD pain though so had to go to hydrocodone along with oxy therapy. Tried Cymbalta and Zyhydro with unbelievable side effects. Soaked in sweat, cold skin, bed bound and suffering. Good luck and blessings to all.

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