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Surviving the symptoms of stomach flu

Jan 12, 2013 - 0 comments



Stomach Flu



I had stomach flu previous two weeks, and as i was reading all around web, and here on, i realized I had it for a longer than it is usual. However, I got better and now I am not experiencing symptoms, but continue with the light foods for several more days.

My doctor played a crucial role and was always available for me. He prescribed me good watery diet and nutrition for these days. I also had enough time to read and educate myself about this illness. I found out that almost all people get this at least once during a life time, and I realize that awareness on this disease should be arisen! I was also reading on that there are many causes of stomach flu, and that it can be caused viral, bacterial or parasitical. There are some more causes, but those are minor. What people needs to read about are potentially dangerous situations of getting stomach flu. I wish I knew these, I could prevent this illness that took me days of my life and several pounds, as well (I can't say I am happy with weight loss since I am skinny).

I encourage all people that are medical health providers to arise awareness of this disease and to write more about how to prevent it and protect ourselves from its terrible symptoms.

Thank you all for your support.
Sincerely yours Mala Mia.

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