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Hormones Recalculating...

Jan 12, 2013 - 2 comments

My daughter is in the process of being a little punk and rejecting boob juice so my hormones are doing another reset.  I think that's why the late O.  

I know I prayed for a Halloween baby, God, but I am impatient!

I hope He gives me the grace to accept whatever is in store, be it a baby or no.  I would ideally like a baby Halloween 2014, but as I said, impatient!

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by JennaRie, Jan 12, 2013
My daughter recently had a nursing strike too - hers turned out to be because of a change in my medication - changed it back and she was back to normal! Was a looooong 3 days though!

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by Spyctre, Jan 13, 2013
I just found a new tooth so I think it will pick back up for me soon.

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