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OT... Im so excited we found a new apartment today!!!

Mar 14, 2008 - 2 comments

New home

Yeah so dh and I have been having alot of problems in our current apartment with our neghbors.. I dont know what in the heck these peoples problems are all of a sudden, weve been here 11 months.  So I guess it figuers, we were just trying to deal with this place and wait out the lease that is up at the end of April and now the people above us and next to us are trying to start ****.   It just sucks.. with everything else going on right now(the mc dh needs a new car ttc) the last thing i needed was for these people to all of a sudden decided to place complaints about us.  I just dont get it, were never even here and the complaint that claimed we wake her baby an a reg basis between 10 pm and 7 is just full of it.  My husband works nights mon-fri and I work at night mon&tues so id like to know how we can be at work and bothering her!  Ah sorry theres really no point to this Im just so pissed off at the letter of complaint we got today. Then today we went looking for a new apartment where we used to live downtown so that its above a shop and wed have no neighbors : ) and we found this amazing place : ) :) im so excited!!!  Only thing is I dont know if theyll hold it til we can get out here : (  

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by Berrygirl, Mar 14, 2008
Well I am prayong for you. The neighbors just have to deal with your ghost while you are away at work. 1 more month and you'll be done with them.

Good Luck on the new place

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by lilpixie, Mar 15, 2008
thankx so much... Im just trying to keep my sanity in the mean time : )

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