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Riba Gag Reflex

Feb 24, 2009 - 2 comments







Gag Reflex

Since the missed Riba dose incident and the falling Hb I find that I am gagging when I go to swallow my Riba.

Once I manage to get them past my throat I feel them get stuck in my oesophagus and there follows a period of dry retching to try and dislodge them.  It takes sheer force of will for me to keep them down.  This has never happened before in my nearly 41 weeks of tx.

I am wondering if my mysteriously unprecedented missed dose on Saturday and now the gagging is my body's way of telling me it's had enough of the krapola...

Also, Virgin Coconut Oil is making me nauseous and have had to drop it, along with the porridge I have eaten every morning for the past I don't know how many years.  Have changed my riba breakfast to a bagel slathered with butter, avocado and a full cream cheese.  We'll see how that goes...

I am starting to feel a bit better tho, started my reduction last night and also took 2 sleepers and managed nearly 7 hours sleep, more than I've had in a while.  Sleep makes such a difference...

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9648 tn?1290091207
by GreatBird, Feb 24, 2009
I've been gagging on the blue pills and they don't seem to want to go all the way down either. I think it's my attitude. :)

547836 tn?1302832832
by lalapple, Feb 24, 2009
i try to eat before riba and take riba with a whole glass of water, rarely gag but do sometimes, it doesn't bother me.  just swallowing the pill right?

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