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Diet so far

Jan 12, 2013 - 1 comments

For breakfast I have 1 slice Vogel with cashew butter and jam.
(Not part of the Fuhrman diet, but I need something more than fruit before work).
I am taking packed lunches of avocado, green beans, tomatoes etc.
I do this to avoid sandwiches or cooked food, (the Hobson's choice at work).
When I get home I have a soup/stew of greens, beans, garlic, tomatoes and other vegetables.
No potatoes.
I try to cook the greens in advance, and liquidize, so that I don't have that task when I get home from work.
When I'm craving fatty foods I eat a load of good stuff and the craving goes away.
Unable to avoid some sugary things at the moment. E.g. the hot cocoa at work has sugar in it, and
I bought almond milk instead of dairy and didn't realise it had sugars in it.

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by My_Progress, Apr 15, 2013
Lunch at work now consists of fruit. It is easier. Normally 2 oranges, a kiwi or papaya, and a banana. Works well.

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