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I'm not so bad after all

Jan 13, 2013 - 0 comments








Okay, so late last night my boyfriend and I went through our phones and realized my math was wrong. TODAY is my 6th day clean from everything because the day after I took suboxone (to drive to VA to pick up the bf's step-mom), I did one capsule of dope. For WHATever reason I think whatever I did made the withdrawl less intense. This is my 3rd time trying to detox since December 6th and when I did it the first time it took about 4 days for the suboxone to get out of my system and then the W/Ds hit me HARD. Body raked with chills non-stop, hot & cold sweats, restless legs and body and un-fulfilled stretches.
This time around the boyfriend offered for me to stay here at his house so he could take care of me while I detoxed, because although I love my dad, he wasn't even feeding me or checking on me and I knew I needed that help.
When I found this website I was terrified because my w/d symptoms didn't make me feel like I wanted to die like I expected them to make me feel like and they usually would feel like- so I came here looking for answers on how long the w/ds would last, fully expecting it to get much worse.
Here I am day 6- today I didn't sleep until 3 to keep from having to deal with the symptoms awake. I got up at 11.
I've found people on this website that do more for me than NA ever has & these beautiful people who care about total strangers and try to give good advice and console you.
Thanks guys!

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