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Hip pain/numb

Jan 13, 2013 - 3 comments

At my next appt I'll ask my Dr what his opinion is.  This entire preg baby is settled mostly on my right side.  My right hip is so sore & often goes numb.  It mostly goes numb when I'm lying down & hurts when I'm up & moving around.

Baby Jr
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982214 tn?1471458381
by krichar, Jan 13, 2013
Maybe your sciatica nerve... I always had it on the left side

3233386 tn?1447028295
by mandaszoo, Jan 13, 2013
Totally agree with Krichar . Had this too. Try not to worry !! It is all for the good !

715068 tn?1392937132
by queenspade, Jan 14, 2013
Thank you both!  I told my hubby I thought he was pushing or sitting on something.  My lower back is really sore too.  My uterus is very tipped so that may be causing some of this too.

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