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Started testing & charting as of today!

Jan 14, 2013 - 0 comments










I have recently suffered 2 missed miscarriages within the space of 2 years & now would love to conceive again & have the luck to carry our pregnancy to full term, sadly my husband works away alot so its a case of TTC when we get the chance but shortly this will all be changing & he will be working closer to home so lets just see what happens :)
I just wanted to add my husband & I do have a child 1 daughter she is 8 years old now & we love her to bits her name is AvaRose so we can honestly say we were very lucky to have this blessing it would just be wonderful to have another :) She was born at 31 weeks +4 days & almost did not make it to then as I went into early labour at 23 & 27 weeks but the doctors managed to stop the labour but at 31 weeks my waters broke & I was in full labour but as she was bottom first breech with her lil tiny legs crossed over her chest the doctor stated "yes you are in labour I can feel a bottom" lol , she got stuck & was not coming anywhere! I had no pain relief due to signing for the csection (silly me lol) but finally when I was pushing they took me down to surgery & I got a morphine spinal block, & a central line was placed in my neck as I was swollen they could not get a vain :( we had the emergancy csection, but this went seriously wrong I ended up with blood clotts & internal bleeding & bruising all over the skin & blood started forming bubbles as it had no where to go, when Idid stand up the blood would just pour from the wound it was terrifying,they had to re-open the wound 3 times to correct these issues it was not so bad but the aftercare was horrific as I had to have it cleaned out every day then repacked with wick but the wick would dry out over night & then stick to the flesh inside the wound so removal would leave me hyperventilating & in so much agony, it was weeks before they decided to use a different packing gauze!I was in hospital for 6 weeks almost thankfully my baby was doing great & coming along nicely! I was eventually left with the wound open to heal from the inside out whilst being packed with a substance called caldostat its seaweed based to encourage healing & helps the infections go faster it took 4 months of going to hospital 3 days a week for it to finally heal I now have a lovely scar from hip to hip!
I am sure that this is the reason for my miscarriages as I suffered 2 recently as mentioned & a further 2 in the past not long after my daughter turned 2 years old, so who really knows we just have to have faith &keep on trying! Anyway thank you for reading and good luck to you all baby dust to you all also <3 Helen xoxoxoxoxox

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