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Jan 13, 2013 - 0 comments










my anxiety is making me sick. as another day comes to an end I just get more sick at the thought of having to o wake up another day. this past year has been nothing but **** luck! why did they have to keep me on the damn life support!? Just let me die. not even that lucky.nope. yay put me on life support and now I'm looking at jail time in a couple days for it.welcome to ******* america! my brain is racing I think straight. yay to the sober life. I feel like I cannot go on without peanut buddy.the thought makes me nausea it hurts so bad. where do I even live? I don't know. well, been at this place three nights now time to get back on the run. what am I running for?, what am I running looking for? I'm giving up more and more. just don't care anymore. I'm dead inside and alone. wake up tomorrow for what?

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