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Jan 15, 2013 - 1 comments












Yesterday morning was a good day for me. I got a great workout in using a stability ball. I am still sore today! I bought two stability balls last year, but couldn't really figure out how to get a good workout with them using just the wall chart that came with them. Now that I am using a workout app on my cell phone I decided to try one from there. It was so hard, yet also fun! I look forward to sticking with this workout for awhile. My strength workout days are on M-W-F. I try to fit in a bit of high intensity cardio on the in between days.

  Then in the afternoon I had two minor surgeries to remove two large skin tags which have bothered me my whole life. One of them was on my neck and caused frequent pain from seat belts, necklaces and even some shirts rubbing up against it. The second one was on my hip and often bothered by undergarments and pants. I am so glad to be rid of them! But there is some discomfort so I am taking today to rest. Thankfully this isn't a big workout day for me anyway.

I seem to be having a mini plateau the last couple of days, but I am not worried at this point since I am staying consistent. It may also have to do with some meds that I just finished up yesterday for an infection I had. This day of rest might shake me free from it as well.

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by New_Me, Jan 20, 2013
You're doing so well and seem so motivated -  your tracker inspires me to keep going :)

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