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MRI Report  Of Tarlov Cyst(s)

Feb 25, 2009 - 3 comments

tarlov cysts

I am ready to pull my hair out! Two and a half years ago the Dr I
> ordered a MRI and a Tarlov Cyst was found at S2 level measuring 1cm.
> The MRI was taken because of the pain I was experiencing.
> Now two and a half years later the pain is worse and I am finally
> for another MRI. After the test the man doing the MRI asked if I had
> ever seen what mine looked like ,I said no. He showed me the one
> 2 years ago and one he thought to be another Tarlov Cyst.
> When the nurse called me today to give me the results of the MRI she
> stated the cyst from 2 years ago had not changed and everything
> looked fine. I questioned her asking the size and she replied there
> was nothing about the size. I also asked about the other he saw at 3
> level and she said nothing was said about that.
> I just got home from picking up my MRI report and it reads: There
> two Tarlov Cysts identified. One measuring 1.75 cm on the right at
> S2 level and one measuring 1.20cm on the left at S3 level. Both are
> stable are of doubtful significance!
> I can not begin to tell you all how upset I truly am.
> Donna

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746399 tn?1233070072
by larrysdaughter, Feb 25, 2009
sometimes i cant stand doc's and there po po adatudes, "doubtful significance" what the ****. why do the mri in the first place if you (the doc) dont care what you find! hang in there and keep persueing it.

746399 tn?1233070072
by larrysdaughter, Feb 25, 2009
i did not curse, i guess you cant say p o o p. sorry.

771990 tn?1341779376
by virtualangel, Feb 25, 2009
LOL! I have said worse today trust me! LOL! Thank you for your support!


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