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Bloodwork Results

Jan 15, 2013 - 0 comments

Week 6 and I am UND from 5,597,345.   ALT is 13 U/L (don't know what U/L is), and hasn't been below 200 in a long time.  I feel like I'm coming unglued.  Finally got nausea med but I need energy med, haha.

WBC 2.9 K/uL is low

RBC 3.46 M/uL is low

hemoglobin 11.0 g/dL is low

hematocrit 33.6% is low

neutrophils 28.3% is low

lymphocytes 62.5% is high

absolute Neutros 0.82 K/uL and will medicate if drops more (?)

platelets 171 K/uL which is dropping

TSH 1.98 ulU/mL which i droppin

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