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Complicated Pregnancy???

Jan 15, 2013 - 0 comments

complicated pregnancy





I have been to the ER for bad cramps and lower back pain. I thought i was about to get my period but missed it so i found that i was pregnant! this would be my 3rd pregnancy, but i have never felt this on with my first 2. Doctor said he could not see anything onthe U/S because it is too early. He also drew blood to test my HCG levels and they were low. Went back a second time to a regular doc. to test my hcg levels again and they increased!! But not doubling like they should. At this point He called it "Threatened Abortion" this has me extremely worried and upset. I would like to know if any one else experienced this and had a good pregnancy. Because i have the pain but there is NO bleeding or spotting.

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