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Day 2 and hanging tough

Mar 15, 2008 - 1 comments

oxycontin withdrawal


opiate withdrawal


withdrawal sickness

Well, I'd have to say this is in the top percentile of the hardest ordeals in my life to date.  First, thanks to everyone who has sent encouraging messages.  It's tough doing this alone.  I have my Mom, and she's a support, but she also doesn't like to see me suffer.

I'm sick, sick, sick and I hurt, hurt, hurt.  It's as bad as everyone predicted.  I've got some long-acting Xanax-like stuff the doctor gave me, but I have to be very careful since it makes me feel like I'm moving through taffy, if that makes any sense.  It's bad enough that my limbs feel so heavy to begin with.

Mostly I've been sleeping.  I've seen the Thomas recipe and if I get any energy today I'm going to head out and look for some of the stuff, but I am concerned since I didn't ask the doc about that (didn't see it until after I told doc I flushed my meds) and since I do take 150 mg of Zoloft a day, well... I don't know about any interaction.  

Well, I'm signing off now to post in the forum real quick-like while I'm not shaking too badly...

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698047 tn?1231661658
by dragonslayer428, Nov 30, 2008
It's amazing that you were able to actually type.  I couldn;t function at all!

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