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Bones hurt

Mar 15, 2008 - 6 comments

bone and joint pain

I was curious if anyone else has had what I have.
My Bones and joints hurt all the time. I have no engery and stay tired. I went to the doctor and all
my blood test came back normal. I thought it was RA but not the case. I hate going to doctors
having test after test so that I didn't do. I have to force myself to work every day and by the time
I get home I just have no engery at all. I've been drinking hot water with pure honey and ground cinn.
which a friend had told me about, it does seem to help some but as far as my pain goes, it's not
as painful as before but it's still painful.
Any ideas from anyone???

Thanks Byrdie

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by Sunny602, Mar 15, 2008
Have doctors considered fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome with you? I know that many labs come up normal with those two disorders. I have chronic joint pain, have had pain since my teens..I am now 36years old. I was initially diagnosed with fibro in my early 20's, was treated as such and that was that until recently. My diagnosis has changed some due to a new diagnosis..Ehler's Danlos syndrome type III. I have very hypermobile joints, I can bend them in odd positions (there is a scale that docs use to check for hypermobility called the Beighton scale, check it out if you think this might be something you have) Not only that, I have suffered many dislocations of my knees ever since I was 8 years old. My skin is also hyper elastic, I can pull it up 2 inches or more (up to 2 cm's is normal from what I have heard!) and have odd scars and strange stretchmarks. All of this along with other problems led the docs to this diagnosis. Unfortunately, chronic joint pain is common with EDS as well.
So, if you are very flexible and have either very elastic skin or incredibly velvety smooth skin, consider EDS. I hope that you find answers soon, Sunny

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by Sunny602, Mar 15, 2008
Oh, I finally tested positive for RA after all of these years as double whammy for me...Sunny

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by byrdie, Mar 16, 2008
Good Morning,
Thanks for your comment.  
You know I have a sister with fibromyalgia and I was thinking that is most likely what I have . I do not have any of the
other symptons you mentioned.  Gosh after reading what you had to say I'm almost sure I have fibromyalgia. Guess
it's something I'm goning to have to deal with. Not sure what the medicine is my sister takes. She said it helps a little.
The biggest thing she found to help was just staying active. I try to stay active for the most part but I get so tired I
could fall asleep standing up. Guess I'll just have to deal with it.
At 36 you are sure dealing with alot of health issues. I wish you all the best.  


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by SueNYC, Apr 28, 2008
I thoughht I had RA too.  It was EDS.  My mom has it and so does my 8 year old.  On the positive side, I could look into a career as a yoga master.

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by claremkav, Mar 20, 2009

I am 36 years of age and have had joint pain all my life, I have been diagnosed with RLS ( Restless Leg Syndrome) and am hypermobile.  I suffer a lot with my back, and lately to add to it i fell down the stairs in my home fracturing my tailbone.  I am finding it very difficult to get a full nights sleep due to RLS and now its worse coping with the fracture.  My present doctor seems to know very little about hypermobility as i do, all i know is i have flexible joints , does anyone know if RLS and hypermobility are related ?  

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by Bettybb, Jun 05, 2016
i have the same issues very same problem, i am trying food, i try spinach smooythjies berries and ginger, garlic on chicken all kinds of things, i got differant vitamins, and things dont seem to work, i can feel the bones hurt in my forearms and my whole body.

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