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The "Joys" of M.S.

Jan 16, 2013 - 0 comments

Chronic Pain

Since this whole "world" of M.S. is NEW to me, I am essentially a M.S. "Virgin" I started with Optic Neuritis in my EARLY 20's, but of course NO ONE EVER diagnosed all the other "issues" I have had for YEARS! I can deal with MOST of the cards I have been dealt, but I gotta tell you, I would give ALMOST ANYTHING to be DONE with the CHRONIC  NON-STOP PAIN!!! I have said for YEARS, even PRE Diagnosis, I would LOVE to have ALL the nerves in my body REMOVED! I have heard of people being born unable to feel pain, and how this is such an AWFUL thing to be born with. I'm sorry, but I have experienced pain, and I am NOT talking about a little mild pain, the type of pain, where you would RATHER DIE, than go through it for ONE MORE DAY, since as early as MY EARLIEST memories! I would argue ANY DAY, that I would rather NOT FEEL PAIN, AND RISK BURNING MYSELF, OR BREAKING BONES than to have had CONSTANT, CHRONIC PAIN! I have NEVER met ANY Dr that can or even TRIES to understand what it's like! I would HATE to commit suicide, and hurt my son, but there are MANY days I would rather NOT wake up at all, then to open my eyes and KNOW the pain is STILL THERE! Sleeping is the only thing that helps, and lately the pain even affects THAT! future is NOT too bright! PLEASE PRAY some type of HELP will come my way!

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