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Feb 26, 2009 - 11 comments

I need to vent to someone about this as I am a nervous wreck. I didn't want to tell Jacqui the other day, but the ultrasound didn't go so well. The baby looks good and everything is ok except for my amniotic fluid. I have too much. The drs said that about 1 out of every 100 girls that comes into her office a week has it. She said that they are going to see me on the 6th to see if it gets better. She said that if it doesn't get better and they have to deliver early, they will. WHich is nuts to me as I am only 21 weeks. I looked it up online, bad idea, and it says defects in the baby could be the cause. I am scared to death and am praying this baby is ok. I don't know what to think. It also says it can cause stillbirth if it gets too bad. They will see if it decreases first, then treat it with meds and if they don't work they will surgically remove some of it. The symptoms in the mother are shortness of breath and also discomfort in the belly, which for the past few weeks I have been complaining of both. I just didn't know what it was from.

Just say a prayer the baby is ok and that it decreases on its own. Thanks so much...


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521742 tn?1255107015
by Sunnyd210, Feb 26, 2009
OHHHH Lisa Im sorry you are under all this stress. I know its easier said than done but dont worry too much. There are so many things they can do these days to make sure the baby is born healthy. Are you going to get an amino? That can tell you for sure if there is any thing wrong with the baby (which Im sure there isn't)

340590 tn?1290952141
by cathy5841, Feb 26, 2009
lisa, i am so sorry.  i will be sending prayers up for you and the baby....take care of yourself..

563541 tn?1257877567
by JENZ_N_RECOVERY, Feb 26, 2009
ms lisa....i am so very sorry to hear this! you will have alot of peps prayin for u and the lil one!!!!
i have faith that you and baby will be ok!!!
~~~~~TIGHT HUGZ~~~~~

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by VicUser, Feb 26, 2009
It is good that you are going to your Dr for all the prenatal visits. I agree that if you can keep your baby from coming early it would be best, but I am sure the Drs have you and your baby's best interest at heart and will do everything in their power see that all goes as well as it can.

Our youngest was 6 weeks premature and was taken by emergency C-section. He is 6'1" and doing well now.

Relax, I know that is easy for me to say, but if you have a question and they don't give you a satisfactory answer get a second opinion.

Is your BF going to the Drs with you? I went with my wife for all of her visits with both boys and it helped both of us understand what was going on.

I will keep you and your baby in my prayers too.

214607 tn?1287677559
by liscamdave, Feb 26, 2009
Thanks so much everyone. I knew I could count on everyone for the prayers. I guess with my first, there were no problems whatsoever..and to have such a big problem is so scary. To potentially have to deliver now, is crazy talk to me...I am only 21 weeks. The baby is only 1lb..its too much. I am having so much trouble breathing and that is not a good sign. I just have to wait and see what they say..hopefully, it decreases on its own and I am praying, praying, praying there is nothing wrong with this baby.

Sunny, no..I opted not to get the amnio..I was too scared..I didn't do it with my first either..I guess I should have now.

Jer, yes..he goes to every single appt with me..he has been nothing but supportive and its just wonderfull...he is wonderful..thanks so much..

495284 tn?1333894042
by dominosarah, Feb 26, 2009
The doctor will be watching you very carefully and they can do so much now for this.  I will be sending yoiu a ton of strength and prayers.  I have a good feeling everything will be okay!!!  "Our" baby is going to give you a run for your money!!!!  Dont hold this all with us!!!!  Sending you big big hugs.......sara

521742 tn?1255107015
by Sunnyd210, Feb 26, 2009
Lisa No I totally understand why you didnt want to. I have seen alot of my friends scared to death over things and they turned out to be nothing. I know its so easy to say not to worry when Im sure thats all you can think about but just try to take a deep breath and take each day as it comes. Isnt there a nurse on this forum who works with the babies I bet she would have tons of info? Sending you out a BIG hug and good energy!!

349463 tn?1333571576
by NicMom, Feb 26, 2009
I've never talked to you before, but I saw your post and wanted to share a story with you. My girlfriend had that same thing happen last year. They drained her fluid 4 times and she said the procedure was similar to an amnio. She was able to carry to 36 weeks and had a healthy baby boy. I hope this helps. Good luck.

541953 tn?1262586226
by scaredmom330, Feb 26, 2009
my thoughts and prayers are with you and your little one. 3 times my daughter and daughter in law were told there was something wrong with their babies before they were born, just to find out at birth the doctors were wrong. it happens. try not to stress out to much, I know as a mother that is hard to do but just think good thoughts, God is watching over you and your little one..

take care

656845 tn?1239624152
by Michelle41NJ, Mar 12, 2009
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww Lisa why didnt you call me :-( I  haven't been online... anything new?  Here is my number again 973 600 8216  and I have a new email ***@****

Sending you tons of prayers and love

1259963 tn?1284484960
by bobkitten, Mar 28, 2010
Dear Lisa,
I am very sorry to hear of your complications.  Please think positive.  I know that's easier said than done but medicine has come so far that they are saving babies born at very early gestation.My daughter and son-in-law have a friend that had to have their baby delivered at 23 weeks gestation.  The baby weighed around 14 oz.  The eyes weren't even open yet. (Just like a baby kitten.) Now he is over 9 pounds and doing very, very well.  He is 6 months old now and everything is looking great.  I have been following his story on since he was a few days old.  His name is Michael Kyung.  It might give you hope if you go check it out.  It's amazing what they can do for preemies these days.  As for the amnicentesis...please have it done.  The information you will obtain is priceless.  A alittle discomfort for you is worth the well being of your baby.  It doesn't take very long for them to do it.  You will be very glad you did.  I will be praying for you and your baby.  I hope you have a great support system.   You have all of us in here so if you need to laugh, cry, scream, or just talk...we're here!  I wish you the very best and I look forward to updates on your pregnancy.  Talk to you soon.

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