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Cancelled appt AND PISSED!

Jan 19, 2013 - 1 comments

I am so irritated! Already new to Tampa and had a hard time finding a OB dr with state insurance until my blue cross kicks in in May...Anywho went to appt today for the receptionist to tell me the dr left hours ago and they rescheduled me!!!!! I told her do you think somebody should have called me! Anyhow they reschedule me to 1/30 which is my beautiful son's bday that passé away 6 years ago! So still no prenatal care since I've been here! I feel horrible how they treat people for prenatal care here in Tampa. The one thing good about Michigan they will give you Medicaid to have all the prenatal care you need and its clinics everywhere instead of 4 per county which are 20 miles apart!!!!! I don't get mad often all I want is to make sure this baby is okay! GOD HELP ME!

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by Risa615, Jan 18, 2013
I would be mad too! Bummer you have to wait, and I agree they should have called you! Sending hugs that your appt on 1/30 is great :-)

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