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Symptoms as of March 15, 2008

Mar 15, 2008 - 10 comments



possibly MS



My Symptoms

Numbness: Face, arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet and/or toes (Sometimes just a decrease of sensation, for example if I touch my bare arm it feels like I am touching it through a coat.)

Tingling: Face, arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet and/or toes
(Legs tingle almost daily sometimes all day).
If they are not tingling already, when I touch my hipbones or lower abdomen it makes my legs tingle.

Muscle spasms or twitches: Legs (almost daily), feet (almost daily), hips, face, rarely in back, shoulders and abdomen.

Pain: Sometimes like stabbing or like tearing or cutting or like crushing in the face (jaw), arms, fingers, legs feet, and toes, rarely in the eye.  Sometimes it’s just a dull ache. A lot of the time when I open my mouth, there is pain in the right jaw and over the right ear.

Shocking and/or stinging sensations: In my elbows, face, arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet and/or toes.
(Sometimes when I get tired and bend my head down, there is a shocking sensation that goes thru my legs and feet and sometimes thru my arms)

Buzzing or vibrating: Face, legs and feet (almost daily), and sometimes feels like my brain is vibrating. Sometimes it feels like the floor is bouncing up and down.

Visual: Things not in my direct line of sight will wiggle, (i.e. dash wiggles when looking at the road while driving or when looking at the TV, the shelf it’s on and the floor will wiggle). Sometimes everything wiggles and jumps. At times when reading I must constantly refocus and it seems like the page is jumping. Occasional flashes of light. Occasional disturbances like I am looking thru a prism. Sometimes I see flashes of light when I hear a loud noise or get startled.

Ears: Echoing like thunder in left ear after each sound (about 70% of the time). Right ear at times feels like something is pushing into it and feels like things are crawling on it and on my cheek.

Headaches: It feels like an ice pick is being inserted into my right temple, then it feels like something inside my head is expanding. Then the right side of my face with get numb and tingly and my right eyelid will feel heavy. Much of the time this is accompanied with pain in the jaw. When this happens, my mouth usually starts to water (not to the point of drooling) and there is sometimes a metallic taste in my mouth.
Sometimes it feels like a tingling rubber band is around my head and is getting tighter and tighter.
Sometimes it feels like my head and my face is being crushed and like my jaws are wired and the wires are being tightened.

Walking: Legs feel like they are asleep sometimes. Legs feel heavy and stiff. Sometimes I am wobbly and have to put thought into walking. My daughter says I sometimes walk like I am tilting forward with legs far apart and like I am stiff.

Shaking: My hands sometimes shake when I try to reach for things or pick up things or when styling my hair or putting on makeup.
Sometimes most movements are shaky or jerky (when bending, reaching etc.) like movements aren’t as fluid as they used to be.

Concentration: Much of the time I feel like I am in a mental fog. Sometimes I can’t think clearly. I get very forgetful. If more than one person is speaking I can’t focus on either or if there is a lot of background noise I can’t concentrate.

Exhaustion: Very large general lack of energy. Sometimes it feels like a wave of exhaustion goes thru either my legs or arms… like I just can’t take another step.

Other:  Hands sometimes won’t cooperate when trying to work with small things…like it takes a few tries sometimes to pick things up…hard to explain…they just won’t cooperate.
Sometimes I feel like I am in slow motion when doing things. My daughter says my speech becomes slow at times.
I frequently drop things or knock things over. Running into things. Tripping on things.
Sometimes I am dizzy and uncoordinated. Sometimes my legs seem very restless or anxious.

Chills: At times chills run down my back into my arms and legs. Sometimes it’s just my legs.

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416279 tn?1206230769
by Kebles, Mar 15, 2008
i honestly dont know...

444219 tn?1205629661
by carylsuzanne, Mar 15, 2008
I decided to put it all together and print it to take to my Neurologist on the 26th because I ususally forget half of what I want to tell him... and I found this handy Journal and thought it might be helpful to someone else WHEN I finally do get a diagnosis.


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by DaveM147, Mar 27, 2008
i get pins and needles right through mybody everytime when i bend my head over and my chin touches my neck. only for about a month and no other symptons at all, i hate visiting the doctor and now im really worried...i know i must sound like a hypochondriac but should i be worried? Im 25by the way.

444219 tn?1205629661
by carylsuzanne, Mar 27, 2008
I'm not the one to ask about that... I've been dealing with this for a few years and finally yesterday I was actually prescribed medication to help but still have no diagnosis.
It wouldn't hurt to get it checked out. You know your body and you know if something is going on that shouldn't be going on.
Best of luck,

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by LG2008, Apr 05, 2008

I have had buzzing all over my body for over a year and, now that I saw someone else's comment about "feeling like the building is vibrating," I realize I've had it in an even slighter way for years.  But now it's really bad and it's im my face, which also feels like it's itching a bit and burning (feels like I have a bad sunburn, but you can't see anything from the outside).  Until this week, all the doctors said, "I don't know" and didn't seem to care either.  But I'm going to a new neurologist in two weeks for testing.  The worst is my face feels like I have something crawling on it.  That's not all the time, but the buzzing, especially in my upper abdomen, is all the time.  Thank goodness for Ambien to help me sleep.  Ugh!!


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by wyzewomanofcolor, Apr 07, 2008
Do research on Kiara Malformation.

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by CillaBoBilla, Jun 01, 2008
These symptoms sound like possible MS.

Avatar universal
by josie83, Aug 25, 2008
I hope you get this message.  I believe you have lyme disease.  My sister FINALLY got diagnosed with lyme last year after going through hell for almost 3 years.  She had many of your symptoms and is now getting the treatment she needs.  She still is quite sick but getting better slowly.  Please do research on lyme as it manifests itself is so many ways - a lot of the symptoms you described sound like lyme.  Most doctors don't know anything when it comes to lyme disease - go to a lyme specialist if you can.  I don't know where you are from, but my sister's doctor is awesome.  People with lyme disease come from all over the states to see him.  His phone number is 877-676-5433 if you're interested.  His name is Dr. Merress (not sure of his first name).  I really hope you find the help that you need.

God bless.

500734 tn?1210102688
by lippylou_72, Nov 02, 2008
Hi ever since i lost my baby back in feb 08 i havent been myself i had a second dnc in may as they didnt remove it properly the frist time and since then ive been experiencing real bad head pains like waters in there swirling round i can feel it when i tip my head also i get really bad stinging pains and feelings like ive lost my balance i went to my local doctors and they told me im having aniexty attacks im really confused on this as i know how my body is it starts of a numbness to the tongue then my fingers get pins and needles then the stinging happens i find myself at this point no being able to breathe im so scared as i dont know what it is and doctors or chelsea and westminster hosp keep fobbing me off please if someone know please do tell..........

Avatar universal
by Amanda91, Apr 02, 2009
my nephew has Kiara Malformaition and he is only 2 years old. he  gets very bad Headaches and also has a balance problem. he is behind on his speech and learning and has to have Brain surgery  because his brain is pushing down into his spine and is causing alot of pressure which is causing his headaches. Is he going to be ok? can you die form Kiara?

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