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dealing with rejection

Feb 26, 2009 - 1 comments





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In order to increase our chances and to keep at bay any intimacy issues we have agreed to sex every second day (well... Tuesday, Thursday nights and Sunday Morning) and I'm sure that if I "seduced" him I could get another night in there, but it's still weird getting the "I'm too tired" from him.

It's been the other way around for so long due to the Implanon screwing up my Libido and me trying to find excuses not to have sex.

I have to keep in mind that he is rejecting a physical activity, not me.

It certainly helps that he went for the grab after he'd slept a couple of hours..... It wasn't a successful session, but it felt nice regardless.

I still feel wanted and loved.

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by arthurngash, Jul 26, 2010
My wife of 6 years has very low libido (if any). she's either too tired or not in the mood. worried on where the relationship is headed. she has proposed for sex 6 (six) times only since our wedding day.

she wil just lay there during sex and turn over thereafter without any word

Assist b4 i go nuts

Arthur Gabriel

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