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8 week visit

Jan 15, 2013 - 0 comments

Went well. Hcg from 7 weeks was only 29,890 so not super high. Doctor will order an early ultrasound. Not because he is concerned but because he gave me the option. Lots of bloodwork done. Bp really low 84/56...... Feeling ******... Vomitting is increasing - sick all day jan 18 puked 3 times. Baby seems to like fat... Ate healthy all day kept puking. Ate less healthy at dinnrr and felt better...

Hope to stop puking soon as it really hurts sometimes...

Starting to show a bit wont be able to hide it as long as hoped....

Feel better about pregnancy but until i see ir hear a heartbeat i cant fully relax.

Cecilia gives me lots of hugs when i vomit.

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