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Y I have anxiety so bad

Jan 19, 2013 - 0 comments












People ask y I have anxiety so bad at such a young age and y I'm so worried about my health well let me explain then maby some of you will under stand.

When I woes 8 years old I woes out the front of my house playing football with my dad when all of a sudden he just fell to the ground I thort he woes joking so I ran and jumped on him when he never moved and did not talk to me I called for my mum she came out and ran to my dad after he woes not abel to move or talk she rang the ambulance thy rushed to the house and after 5 min of them being there called for another 2 ambulance then rushed my dad to the hospital after we got there we woes told my father had a  ruptured aneurysm and wold be lucky to survive after a long wait in the hospital I can't remember how long it woes the surgeon cam and told us that my dad woes stabled and thy got the aneurysm clamped but woes if he woke up he might not remember me or my mum but I thang god he mad a full recovery.
Fast ford 4 years my dad goes for a ct scan check up and shows he has another aneurysm lucky it is small and he gets it clamped be for it erupted so a and seance then my dad has suffered with strokes and also now has epilepsy.

Now my mother

At the young age of 24 had a heart attack woes a small one but still a bad thing to happen to someone at a young age and has gone thro Brest cancer witch she kicked it's *** :).

My mum passed away in 2009 from a car crash and it is hard for me to talk about it so I'm going to stop there.

Now me

I woes diagnosed with svt a fast heart rate at 16 and as you can Imagine I woes thinking the worst I have lived with that for 4 years but only in the past 8 months have I been getting this anxiety with is makeing my life miserable all I do is worry about my health I have had so many test for so many different things and all seems to me ok but I still have these crazy symptoms like sharp head pain and chest pain so as you can see with what has happen to my mum and dad I freak out just won't to share this so yous get an idea of what I am going thro

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