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Jan 20, 2013 - 1 comments










I have been upset for years, my doctor told my parnets i was derpssed when i was 6 years old, i started cutting at 8 years old, im 13 and i still do, i burn myself sometimes too, i have tryed too kill myself about 11 times, i get bullied cause im differnat, i dress,act,and like differnet things then most kids, im bi so i get made fun of, they call me a dyke,*****,****,worthless, but i just don't pay attion anymore, i have a loving boyfriend, he is my whole life, he is the only thing that keeps me going,and my brother is my best friend, he is 18, but we are very close, my dad is a acloche and my parnets are broke up,  but when my parnets where together, my dad would always be drunk, he would yell at my mom saying he was going too kill her, and you not even care about me and my brother,he has hit me afew times, but my mom was always there, she is so sweet i love her soo much, and i can't tell her when i cut myself, cause it makes her cry, so i just put on a fake smile,i don't really have any friends, but thats ok, im used too being alone, music is my get away from everything, i just lay down and listen. it calms me down. will i am going too go make myself, some lunch now, bye thats just a bit about me, and im sorry i can't spell, im stupid

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by mishymoshymarcy, Jan 28, 2013
Oh honey.... I am sure you are not stupid. You are just going through a really rough time, and your self esteem seems to be going down with it. I hope you find help both here on medhelp and with your family or even the school. Do you see a counsellor? If you dont i suggest you go and see one, because if you are suicidal you need urgent help. Please.... i believe that every life is precious, dont give up yours. You are beautiful and special, once you get help, things will get better.We  are all here for you.

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