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stupid confidence

Feb 27, 2009 - 0 comments

self confidence



again i have no self worth. i ran this morningbut i felt like i got nothing accomplished. i dealt with a lot of the problems which have been riding on us for the last few months, yesterday got the car all legal and yet i still feel no better.

i feel like i'm not good enough for him. the porn issue is still eating at me, at least on days when i feel like this. he's done nothing to warrant this treatment. its my own problem, not his.


I went back and put in a lot happier stuff on today's chart because all is well again. J has been so beautiful and complimentary, the kindest man, and then later on, the best sex in a while. (Living with parents is hard on a full out sex life.) It was good to have such little inhibition. I love his hands, his lips, his breath and voice in my ear and on my body. I love how he can play with me, make my body react.

I love him.

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