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Feb 27, 2009 - 11 comments

Okay so the doctor told me yesturday that I've gained too much weight because I've gained 23 pounds already and he only wanted me to gain 25 all together... I'm like whatever let me see you do it fool!!  So he tells me that I can ONLY gain TWO pounds in the next 7 weeks I'm like where they do that at??!!  Cause it's not happening over here... Other than that everything is measuring up perfect...

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by Avanaar, Feb 27, 2009
Don't worry about it!  I gained a little over 30 lbs with my pregnancy ... and I've lost it all, plus a couple pounds more and my little guy isn't even 2 months yet!  Some people gain and lose weight differently, especially during pregnancy!  Your doctor is only going by what he learned in school and read in a book.  I'd like to see him be pregnant and only gain 25 lbs!!

456991 tn?1239307232
by LittleMissBeatz, Feb 27, 2009
HA!! you are so right!! And the bad thing about it is I haven't gained anywhere but in my stomach, I am still wearing my pants and things from before I was pregnant!! He's just mad he doesn't look as good as me!! LOL

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by GNicole, Feb 27, 2009
I gained 64 lbs. when I was pregnant and I lost it all. My daughter was over 9 lbs. and she was 2 weeks early! I got in "trouble" all the time by some of the doctors and I was like I can't help it. I was so swollen and lost alot right away because I had so much fluid! Good luck and don't stress!

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by JoyRenee, Feb 27, 2009
I gained 50 lbs with my first daughter. There's nothing he can do to you if you gain more. He's going to just have to relax and calm down! It's not going to hurt anyone if you go a little over.

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by LittleMissBeatz, Feb 27, 2009
Oh I'm definitely not stressing I'm still eating LMAO... I don't care what he says it's my body and I know I can get rid of it...  See the only swelling that I really have is my hands and my feet other than that my ankles swell only after work and when I let them hang off the couch or chair but other than that everything is still normal except for my stomach ofcourse... I'll have to post some pictures up this weekend so you all can see what I'm saying...

456991 tn?1239307232
by LittleMissBeatz, Feb 27, 2009

562217 tn?1302636669
by baby_805, Mar 04, 2009
hey they told me the same thing ive gained 25 pounds alreeady but I gained it in the last 2 months she is telling me too slow down but its hard....

456991 tn?1239307232
by LittleMissBeatz, Mar 04, 2009
Yeah they are pretty damn ridiculous I say to hell with them...

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by Darkestlight, Mar 04, 2009
I gained 60lbs with my first DD and this pregnancy I gained 23lbs in the first 20wks!!!

456991 tn?1239307232
by LittleMissBeatz, Mar 05, 2009
Wow well considering I lost 20 in the first trimester I think I'm doing damn good!!

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by zazou, Mar 06, 2009
I was underweight when I started out and I've gained altogether 9 kg and I'm 25 weeks 3 days!! I should gain up to 18 kgs altogether. My Dr. has stopped telling me off, I'm really not eating alot of sweets or anything in huge amounts. My midwife told me if you're eating in moderation then it may be just your body normal reaction to the pregnancy and gaining what it needs to. Nobody believes me when I tell them how much I've gained because it's just my tummy and breasts (they're huge now), my face is a lil chubbier. But I'm not bothered anymore, I know that it will go back to normal within a year after the birth. Don't fuss too much about it, I stressed myself about it before and my midwife talked me out of it :-)

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