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Fet transfer date dilema

Jan 23, 2013 - 4 comments

ok - so I was on track to have my transfer on feb 4th as long as my cycle started by the 18th of Jan and of course my lovely body did not start until the 21st so I assumed my trasnfer would be pushed back till the 19th of Feb since that is the next avaliable time slot however after talking with the doctor he gave me the ok to keep my orginal trasnfer date of the 4th since I have never had lining issues there is a slim chance that at my lining check i could not be ready and have to push it back to the 19th anyways. so my question to you ladies is should i just proceed with a transfer on the 4th and hope for the best at my linig check next week or should I just move it to the 19th of feb? I am so confused about what to do part of me wants to do it as soon as possible cause I am impatient but then the other part is like will if you move it to the 19 then you will for sure have a good lining but like i said the doc said they only neeed a lining of 7 and mine is always at a 10 or 11 so he really feels that there will be no issue. and I also found out that I dont have to meet my deductible this year since I got a different insurance plan all I have to pay is a co-pay of $20 so I will not be out to much money if I go for the lining check and they say I am not ready. what would you ladies do if you were in my shoes ???

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1396867 tn?1433524301
by hopeitworks, Jan 23, 2013
I saw continue with orginal plan Dr seems confident all is ago. And worst case you push it back. No hurt in taking a look!

961574 tn?1505958942
by mhv, Jan 23, 2013
i would do the lining check....why delay if you dont need too :)

885855 tn?1326214255
by JENNY602, Jan 23, 2013
thanks ladies that was my thought to but i also know I am really impatient and wanting to be pregnant again so I was not sure if that was clouding my judgement and hubby was no help he said so whatever is better for me

1055824 tn?1387077024
by Jenny101407, Jan 25, 2013
Yeah I would check your lining, it doesn't hurt. You want to make sure all is a go and you want to give your little embies every oppertunity to implant the best they can. SSBD mama!

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