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Feelin fishy..

Jan 23, 2013 - 1 comments

I was laying in bed last night thinking of all the stuff I used to love. One of if not my favorite things to do is fish...offshore to be exact. Theres something about leaving the boat ramp at 3:30am and passing the rocks at the inlet headed into complete darkness at 40mph. Theres alot more to it than just catching fish to me. In fact, I enjoy the ride out more than anything. Stereo cranked up, wind in your face, face feeling like you just ate a dozen Krispy Kreme dounuts from the dried salt water. Watching the sun crest the horizon. Although there is nothing to see but water. Its SO alive! Right before we set the lines I always "pay the fish gods" I drop a quarter in the water and watch it flash what seems like for ever. The water is SO clear. Then the anticipation of hearing one of the rods go off...just that noise sends a chill up my spine. The only way I can descibe it is like that feeling as a kid two days before christmas. Then when its time to go hitting the "Home" button on the GPS and seeing the ETA at 4+ hrs. Its kinda scary because it didnt feel like that long to get there. Its a good kinda fear. There is something very humbling to be 3-4hrs from shore at the complete mercy of the ocean. Even though I've been there hundreds of times, its different everytime. I cant really explain it. I absolutely love it!  I miss my boat...

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by this_big, Jan 23, 2013
Happy man right there... Dont know why the pic is so small...??

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